Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One day after the elections, we (Venezuelans) have the opportunity to see how our leaders react with the results.

Yesterday Venezuela had a regional election in every state except the Amazonas state. This means we had to elect our governors, mayors, great mayors and council members. As the day went off and the night came the CNE (responsible for electoral results in Venezuela) didn’t showed any signal of being processing partial information until today at 12:00 a.m. when began to express the results state by state. Here you have some statistics:

Participation: 65.5% (record compared with the last few years which didn’t reach 50%)
Abstention: 34.5%

Results by state you might check it here. Is kind of pointless to write it here.

What those results means?
Well, opposite factors to Chavez government will rule on 5 regions (states and districts) of Venezuela and pro government factors will rule 19 regions. But interestingly, those 5 regions (Grand Caracas, Miranda, Táchira, Zulia and Carabobo) where opposite factors were elected represent the 45% of the total Venezuelan population and the abstention was higher on the lefting states. In addition, Venezuela is not very attached of second rounds or filter candidates, selecting those with real chance to win and then match it in the elections, which means that some of the votes were distributed among several candidates not attached to government proposition neither opposite factors.

Which reaction did we watch on the government?
The president started blaming the local government as the responsible of failing earning people heart (“but isn’t his fault at all”) then continued saying “We lost where the rich people lives… for example, we didn’t won on Sucre town because those zones are filled up with golf fields, luxurious restaurant and exclusive places were rich people goes to drink… There you can find rich and racists people who force the black people to work as slaves doing tasks as ironing, cleaning and driving…”…

I am going to show you with pictures the rich’s town where the government didn’t get the results they wanted.

Awesome resort alike places...

Expensive deluxe restaurants

Kids enjoying a play in the golf field...
"Those rich bastards...."

Images speak by themselves, uh?

Surely you can watch several golf fields and plenty of space to planned buildingi n this aerial view…

See the baseball and golf field, plenty of medical centres and even the opera house?
No? Well, there isn't any.
This is how poor people lives in Venezuela.
Crowded places with endless hallways as laberiths.

If you want to find some information about the Sucre town in Caracas, you might look for Petare which is the biggest part of it.

Anyway, at least I know I have done part of my civil rights as Venezuelan citizen, acting and wishing the very best for my family and those who wants to fight for this country (even though I will not be here for long).

Till next comment or post and thanks for reading.

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Rod, really I don't want to give my opinion about your president (or any president haha), but your pictures and your point of view are talking by themselves...is the same sad story in our countries...but you can make the big difference going to vote , right? this is the only way we can change something.

Rod Landaeta said...

You're about right Nora, voting is the solution. we need to fully understand it, to participate as well in the country we hope to live in.


putri-bali said...

it'is nice blog...