Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yup... Spring is here...

And with the spring comes so many things...

Birds singing...
As you might have realized... I love Pixar movies...
If I could work with them I would be the happiest man on Earth.
A thousand colours of flowers sprouting everywhere...

Beautiful tulips... aren't they?

And flu...
I look exactly like that...
Maybe more like resident evil zombie-like if I think about it.

Yes, I have caught my first flu in Australia... Yeeeeeeeiiiiihhhh.... no.

Seriously is not pleasant at all... Pretty much I feel my entire body in a world of pain (maybe I am exaggerating a bit).

My throat hurts, as well as my eyes, nose and chest. And it doesn't allow me to rest... at all.

God... how much I hate being sick.

In the meanwhile I just hope I can be 100% Monday to keep up working. But why did I post this on my blog???
Well, I was just hoping to add some update to my readers, and to say ‘I’m sorry’ because I haven’t published my review after being one year in Australia... I swear is coming.
Till next time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last couple of days, two readers told me (in a very non related topic):

‘... Why aren’t you publishing your twitter account? I know that you haven’t post anything, but it will be cool to have live tweets…’

And I was…

(Whos the follower?)
I just want to clarify… I am not the owner of this twitter account… And I really don’t want to have any twitter as the matter of fact


Yeah... some people just pubhlish too much information...
Sorry mates, I just don't find it useful.

Just wanted to clarify that out.

PS: By the way, I am working in my next post… ‘One year in Australia’ but haven’t post the English version of it… Will be online soon…ish.