Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, the financial crisis around the world begun a month ago, so it is pointless try to explain how exists and what is it… Thus I am going to relate this post with the fact of moving out overseas.

At the moment the DIAC (Department of Immigration And Citizenship of Australia) is taking a horrible and large time to process any visa request, they say is related to the amount of documents lodged on July and August 2007 by countless families that didn’t wanted to be excluded from the process by not meeting the basic requirements. But shortly after the notorious Wall Street’s collapse and most of the assets around different markets, my soon to be prime minister Kevin Rudd announced (under "consideration") a shortage on the Australian migratory program giving some of the reasons such as:

  • We (Australia) need to protect the Australian market and funds.
  • We need to assure work places for those who might lose their jobs and are currently in Australia.
  • We don’t want people arriving at Australia, looking for job, because Australia might have a rough time.
  • Workless people means an impact to the national budget, and the budget must be protected at all cost.

What is the result of this (my point of view, you might share your own on comments)? Well, the process to approve or reject postulants or candidates will take as long as they want to… Why? Because they surely know they are going to need more people to expand the Australian economy (with or without the world financial crisis), because they already have good candidates waiting for the visa any time soon... so, what’s the rush, right?

Making story short, if you are waiting for the Australian visa at the moment, make your mind for an unprecedented delay for grant letters and approvals. Plus you got to include the high risk of your company to consider you disposable in case they are running out of funds, messing up a little bit more your process.

Please, express your feelings, is important for me to know what you think around the world.

Till the next post or comment.