Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First… those whom are reading this blog (or my blogs in general) thanks for checking it every now and then. Also thanks for the feedback, is very important for us.

Sleepy Hollow? ... I don't think so...

Ok… well, kind of late but here is the update of how Halloween is celebrated on this part of the globe and right next to it, my wife birthday.

In Venezuela, the Halloween celebration was a not common celebration (in some cases unknown) till the last decade. The 90’s was a decade where Venezuela absorbed several traditions from USA, and Halloween was sure into the most popular and solid party.

Getting into this post content, my wife asked me if I wanted to go to the club/spa party the Halloween’s night before her birthday as a warm up for the big day, so we went to it. It was nice most of the time, giving a try to some spare time to share with mates.

Next day, it was her birthday which was sad and cheerful at the same time, because this time is more probable than ever to be the very last in Venezuela for a long time... Again, it was in the spa sharing food with mates and trying to get the mind off the visa...