Sunday, November 23, 2008

Venezuelans are preparing for tomorrow’s elections to vote for their governor, mayor and other regional positions. This time, the elections have huge importance because it will determine the course of the entire country for the next 4 to 5 years in the best case...


Because the Venezuelan current president is trying to get elected for undefined amount of time and this is a way to achieve it. I am going to mark this post with my political point of view of Venezuela (sadly, but if I am emigrating from Venezuela it is more than obvious I am doing it because unpleasant issues bothering the day to day).

Last year Venezuela had another electoral process to determine if the president could be elected unlimited times plus validate Venezuela as socialist based society; the result of this electoral process was deny any constitutional changed proposed by the president for the rest of his period. But he managed to find a way to stick to the presidential position (not attached to any constitutional dictation or regulation). Seriously I would like a change for the Venezuelan people, at least someone else who might do something good and try to fix this government mistakes; for my family sakes and for those who don’t want or can’t leave Venezuela pursuing happiness somewhere else.

I would really love to see every Venezuelan voting tomorrow but the truth is, Venezuelans don’t like to do their responsibilities, such as voting. Instead (and highly possible) most of the people will be travelling to the beach, mountain or any other recreational place to forget about the government, economical situation and other daily problems. The future looks uncertain for now.

What will I do?

  • Bring a thought to those who don’t think Venezuela might have hopes.
  • Promote the responsibility of voting between the people I know.
  • Help and guide as much people I can.
  • Finally but not less, I will be voting as well.
Till next comment or post.