Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feels like sharing... or at least for me. Today I have been a little reflexive even before getting to the office.

My morning routine to get to work is wake up (obviously he-he)... dress up, take a bowl of cereal (or other type of breakfast, but today I had some cereal with oat flakes) and sit to watch bits of the sunrise. Then I remember I have to catch the train and start running all over... Ha ha ha!

In any case, sitting in the train watching trees go by my window I started listening the conversation of a guy three benches on the back of the train, talking to (what I suppose) his mate about the importance of his work for his company and how vital his labour is.

And I start having a thought or two about how important is my work... Obviously there is people who can take my duties but then I remembered a funny story my mom used to tell me ever couple of weeks about the role of everything in the human body.

The joke (or story) is:

Once upon a time, the organs and other part of the body start having a discussion about which of all is the most important. The heart, of course, was the first to jump saying ‘I alone... I am the one that makes the blood move through the body, moving the oxygen to every since spot in the body.’

As soon as the heart ended his dialog, the kidney said in a lower tone... ‘Hell no... If I don’t clean up the blood you will be stocked on junk and start failing... That makes me the more important part inh the body’
There was a silent for two seconds when the lungs start screaming ‘you are two morons! I am the king in this castle!!!! If I don’t move there is no oxygen in the blood and you two start failing!’

The brain a little bit pissed off yelled ‘SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I... and no one else... I am the most important! Because I made this symphony work! If I don’t tell the lungs to move, the heart to beat and the kidney to clean then nothing work!!’

Every organ in the body stood silent... but then the ass start laughing saying... ‘I am going to prove you all who matter the most!’... The brain, lungs, kidney and heart start laughing saying ‘Come on ass! You are not at all the most important part of the body... shut up!

And the ass did what other commanded... shuts up for three weeks leaving the crap in and nothing out... At the third week, the brain was collapsed with massive headaches. The heart was nearly attacked; lungs and kidney didn’t know what to do anymore. And then, the ass spoke... ‘Am I important or not? Cause I can 'shut up' for three other weeks!’.

Every other organ admitted that the ass is the most important part of the human body.

So... why did I come up with this story? Because that man was saying that his job was even more important than public transport itself... My first thought at the moment was ‘wow, that guy should be extremely important... But wait... if he is using the train means he doesn’t have car or doesn’t like to bring it to work... wait if public transport stop working... how the hell people gets to work?’ getting to one marvellous conclusion, public transport is the blood in our cities bodies and once more, if ever single piece stop working the right way, everything will collapsed as the ass showed to others :P

Some time people just don’t give enough credit to others works.

Then I looked through the window... My stop was near, so I stood up saying a big ‘thank you’ to the bus driver waving my hand, which smiled happily back at me and sort of satisfied by the appreciation gesture.

I have made something so little (saying thank you and being nice) and yet, meant much to someone that barely knows me at all.

Till next post.

Into motion

This post might not make sense at all if you are not in software development... But today ended one sprint of the software I am involved with, and it was kind of satisfactory somehow.

Why you may say?

I can begin with the fact that these last two weeks I have been understanding more the product I am working on, but the real factor was that I start feeling productive again; not as near as I was used to in Venezuela but as close to quality software development can be. Even since I started working here I was involved in different software development methodologies which have made me to learn a whole bunch of new things. Cool things!

But these last two weeks I was able to start writing my own code without doing several stuffs out of company’s standard development procedures, it just feels great.

If you are moving to Australia, and still feel that something is not right at work... Don’t worry that much, what’s really important is that you start giving those baby steps... Learn how to work again. I am starting to know I have learned one more lesson of life (tidy related to never surrender or keep walking).

Till next post.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I don’t know if I have said it before, but I have never felt identified with the baseball as much as I do with the soccer (calcio in Italian). This year (at the soccer world cup) I hope Italy and Australia to get as far as they can (and hopefully never meet in any of the elimination rounds till the grand final)... And my first thought was... if Australia and Italy actually meet in a game... who do I want to support? I can’t be both at the same time!

Suddenly I remembered reading on another blog (I don’t have the link, sorry) the disjunctive topic of supporting Venezuela against Australia in a World Cup... But I didn’t give the proper thinking at the moment because, as much as I would like the Venezuelan team (the crimsons or ‘Vinotintos’) to be in the world cup this year, I really find it improbable yet the team is getting better. But now that I think about it, and remembering the big issue between Australia and Italy last World Cup I should start thinking what to do :P

Maybe a to-do list will be good.

First thing in my list, buy the Socceroos t-shirt.
Uhms, now that I think about it... Socceroos shirt is gold and green (more gold than green), Italy is blue and Venezuela is crimson... By very little I can wear the Venezuelan flag with my t-shirts :P

Socceroos t-shirt

Second thing to do is get to know the proper time-zone of the games so I can watch it... The only problem is that South Africa has many of their time-zones 7 to 8 hours of difference with Australia :S Which means some of the games will be played at night in Africa (extremely early in the morning for me... DAMN!

Looking up for a time-table?

Third thing to do, get a TV... As the time has gone by I haven’t bought a TV-Set yet... mostly because I didn’t have the money to invest on it, but I didn’t want to get a LED display with less than 200Hz and 40”. Why???? Well, I expect to buy a really good display adapted for upcoming technology changes...

All of the sudden I started dreaming about having the World Cup here in Australia... Can you imagine me uploading pictures of every game for each of my readers that can’t go to the games with me? Ha ha ha ha... Very improbl.... OH WAIT!!! Australia is actually trying to be host of the World Cup 2018 or2022!!! COOOOOOOOOL!!!

Here is the link of the request, if any of you feel like sharing... share it :P The ad campaign is called 'Come and Play' and already has several awesome TV-Spots posted below... 

Enjoy it. 

Can’t wait to have the games right here xD Sweeet!