Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I don’t know if I have said it before, but I have never felt identified with the baseball as much as I do with the soccer (calcio in Italian). This year (at the soccer world cup) I hope Italy and Australia to get as far as they can (and hopefully never meet in any of the elimination rounds till the grand final)... And my first thought was... if Australia and Italy actually meet in a game... who do I want to support? I can’t be both at the same time!

Suddenly I remembered reading on another blog (I don’t have the link, sorry) the disjunctive topic of supporting Venezuela against Australia in a World Cup... But I didn’t give the proper thinking at the moment because, as much as I would like the Venezuelan team (the crimsons or ‘Vinotintos’) to be in the world cup this year, I really find it improbable yet the team is getting better. But now that I think about it, and remembering the big issue between Australia and Italy last World Cup I should start thinking what to do :P

Maybe a to-do list will be good.

First thing in my list, buy the Socceroos t-shirt.
Uhms, now that I think about it... Socceroos shirt is gold and green (more gold than green), Italy is blue and Venezuela is crimson... By very little I can wear the Venezuelan flag with my t-shirts :P

Socceroos t-shirt

Second thing to do is get to know the proper time-zone of the games so I can watch it... The only problem is that South Africa has many of their time-zones 7 to 8 hours of difference with Australia :S Which means some of the games will be played at night in Africa (extremely early in the morning for me... DAMN!

Looking up for a time-table?

Third thing to do, get a TV... As the time has gone by I haven’t bought a TV-Set yet... mostly because I didn’t have the money to invest on it, but I didn’t want to get a LED display with less than 200Hz and 40”. Why???? Well, I expect to buy a really good display adapted for upcoming technology changes...

All of the sudden I started dreaming about having the World Cup here in Australia... Can you imagine me uploading pictures of every game for each of my readers that can’t go to the games with me? Ha ha ha ha... Very improbl.... OH WAIT!!! Australia is actually trying to be host of the World Cup 2018 or2022!!! COOOOOOOOOL!!!

Here is the link of the request, if any of you feel like sharing... share it :P The ad campaign is called 'Come and Play' and already has several awesome TV-Spots posted below... 

Enjoy it. 

Can’t wait to have the games right here xD Sweeet!