Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Almost in family

The last few days, my wife and I had been going to a bunch of reunions saying farewell to some friends and talking about our life plans.

In the very first reunion with Raul, we were talking about how easily was for anyone to connect with others doing the very same process. This thought was exposed by himself because of his encounter with another Venezuelan family in a pizza place... They didn’t knew each other, only knew both family were doing to same long process and they were planning to talk for dinner time, but as the night went by, the chatting became more deep and satisfactory; they were fully exposing themselves, their life, plans, even their perceptions and thoughts regarding to the current government and how things should change for everyone, Australia… And the key on all this is we are all doing the very same process, so it is easy to match thoughts, hopes and even expectations. Well the very same thing happened during the evening; Raul just did the very same thing opening his own feelings about his job and even family attitudes. The entire night he, my wife and I keep going on and on about so different topics, it was a very pleasant feeling being chatting with a mate about our worries, wishes and hopes… The very same feeling when I am around friends that I know for years; except in this case, we have being talking for months instead.

The second reunion was shortly after the agency client cocktail (on the previous post); it was meant as a farewell party for two families intended to go to Sydney at the end of this and upcoming month. Everything started a little cold, because all of the sudden three strangers came in the room (those were us arriving at the party) but the ice went down five minute after that. Little by little the same process of exposing yourself as you are came out to play the connecting cases between families. The party initially was supposed to last for about 2 or 3 hours, but it took 6 hours when someone said “Hey, I am a little tired and I think I’m going to rest, who was the time?... What? 1:30AM???? Gosh, time flies!”
Everyone was so comfortable in such a charming ambient that none of us realize the time. Thanks god the party was nearby and took no time to jump into the bed, but reminding what a pleasant feeling again, engage our beings... it just feels as a family…

(At the celebration)

Third time charms, Reinaldo’s farewell party was meant to happen at the Hard Rock Café, Caracas… But when we all got there, noticed some kind of private party inside, full of teenagers… With the people keeping on coming we decided to change to the crossing location (Hooters) waiting to other to arrive… And soon the talking was on; some new cases were on the table and the same feeling and charming environment fill us up making the farewell less sour and creating sweet memories of every one of us as the night went by. Near 12:00PM, the entire party met at last (a group of the party’s members did not receive the notice of the location change, tactical issues on the planning, ha ha, thanks god everything was pretty much close) until 1:00 AM when the waitress told us very gentle “Do you guys wants more beer?... No? ... Mmm, Sr. we’re going to shutdown the place… unless you want to stay to sleep in here is advisable for you to pay the bill and move to someplace else…” Ha ha, again we were so comfortable with ourselves that no one noticed we were the only customers left in the entire place.

Later, coming back home, we were doing some thinking about why these connections happen so fast till we pin pointed it. Many factors would or could came into play to make the families to take the decision of migrate, but they will become your neighbors or backup in an emergency or just the more family alike members around the corner in the not so distant future; far from the lands which were for so many years our home. Having a family look-like mental picture is just unavoidable.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, more than just the meaning of southern (Australia is derived from the latin word Australis, "Southern"), I wanted to know a bit more of what Australia means for the kids or even younger people… here is a beautiful and funny clip made by Google.
Enjoy it.


Monday, January 14, 2008

As you might read in other posts, we’re doing everything backed up with a migration agency. And one cool thing about doing it this way is, you have the change to meet some other people in a cocktail arranged by the agency itself. These cocktails are the perfect opportunity for meeting new people; find those others sharing your vision, the same not so distant future. So, We started the morning already with some short information about those I had meet in the forums but this time was going to be for real, so many expectations to be fulfilled in the cocktail.

Well, today at noon (almost, just a little over 12) the cocktail started and I was anxious to meet the bunch… the gang… these families with the same connection. Little by little everyone showed up and the chatting, laughing and saluting was totally on. I couldn’t imagine that in a year and a half the people doing the same project was multiplied by 400%.... When my wife and I took the solid decision to migrate to Australia there were little more than 100 families and as today there are more than 450 families doing it. Sad thing Venezuela had become an emigrant country (which is different of a country of emigrants)… Anyway, here are some photos of the event.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

When you start the migration process, the first thing the agent will tell you is that one (and only one) of the family members must be the main applicant, which is the one who fulfill more expectations established by the Australian government such as better English skills, demanded profession, enough working experience and so on.

In our case, I was choose to be the main applicant and as for my wife... well... the second.

At first, her reaction was some sort of rejection because of her role; mostly because of the way the communication between the agent and the family occurs.

The agent will send all the information, news, updates, doubts and stuff to the main applicant.
Also the responsible for signing every paper is the main applicant.

Who's asked for the career documentation and personal papers? You surely know at this point which the answer is.

There are very little requisites demanded for those other that aren't the main applicant. So, it is kind of understandable why my wife disliked her new role at the moment. But I didn't know her feelings at that time and was starting to feel her frustration and I didn't pimp out why it was happening.

Later, confessed that she didn't feel the connection with the migration process because didn't feel part of it at all... comments such as "not important enough" or "my presence in the process isn't going to make any difference" or "I’m just a weight on this load"...

Freaked out, I couldn't understand at the moment, how could she felt that way? Did not notice we were doing it because of a better tomorrow for every one of us? But a couple of her perceptions made me realize the entire picture and enable a communication path for me to explain her several reasons why she is important.

  1. We are opting for the General Skilled migration programme because of her, which means, she open a chance for a better visa for both of us... Other way, I would have asked to fulfill more requisites and the visa would become merely a dream.
  2. The main applicant is going to be researched as deep as the migration department wants to. So, it is understandable why I am being asked to provide such diverse type of documentation.
  3. The number of families doing the same process is huge and that’s the reason why the agent communicates just with the main applicant. (I guess they do not know how to make a distribution list nor an e-mail contact group).
  4. She will eventually know what is happening with the process because can asks it to me anytime.
Once she spotted the gaps and fills it up with these reasoning, started searching for her papers to avoid losing time once in Australia to get her career as well. If you have this issue, all you have to remember is this is a family project and such as, you have to provide as much support as your family needs to and you will also receive support as well.

Friday, January 4, 2008

If you want to migrate to Oz, first thing to do is get your career recognized by an Australian society, institution or department.


Cheez, I don’t know exactly why, but a logical reason should be related to the fact that the migration department will be ensured you want to go to Oz and your profession is required in its territory.

In my case, I had to register my university degree on the Australian Computer Society as a IT Professional.

Some papers used for this matter were:
  • Full Curriculum Vitae. As detailed as possible, including description of your work through very single project you had been. You also have to provide to these descriptions used tools such as: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Eclipse IDE with Perl, etc. In a further post I will publish more information related to the construction of the curriculum vitae.
  • Employment letters of every single job of the last 4 years. These letters most match exactly with the information included in the curriculum vitae. Double check your information with the employment letters to ensure dates and some details. The letter will be used to probe your knowledge and experience on the area you are up to.
  • Some passport sized pictures. (By the way, those aren't my pictures...)
  • Your university degree. My case was the bachelor degree in Computer Science.
  • Some forms… But I don’t remember the number because I choose to make the process with the assistance of an agent. I did sign and read a couple of papers but I rather give you the link to the ACS membership web page.

And that’s it.

Once you got all the paper, you send your information to the ACS and wait till your experience and knowledge get recognition and approbation as comparable with an Australian degree.

Wish you the very best for this newly born year 2008, especially to be full of merry moments, good news and wishes.
Let’s fill up with faith our hearts that the upcoming days will be happier, full of prosperity and love.Let’s also remember this little planet (our little blue sphere) needs a little more care. Let’s work harder to build up the future that our offspring, family and we deserve.

Maybe the end of this year we will be receiving it in Sydney, but till then I will leave you a couple of shots of the Sydney’s New Year eve 2008. (Sorry, I don’t have any picture of Venezuela’s New Year eve).

Happy New Year 2008!!!