Sunday, January 13, 2008

Second Applicant Role

When you start the migration process, the first thing the agent will tell you is that one (and only one) of the family members must be the main applicant, which is the one who fulfill more expectations established by the Australian government such as better English skills, demanded profession, enough working experience and so on.

In our case, I was choose to be the main applicant and as for my wife... well... the second.

At first, her reaction was some sort of rejection because of her role; mostly because of the way the communication between the agent and the family occurs.

The agent will send all the information, news, updates, doubts and stuff to the main applicant.
Also the responsible for signing every paper is the main applicant.

Who's asked for the career documentation and personal papers? You surely know at this point which the answer is.

There are very little requisites demanded for those other that aren't the main applicant. So, it is kind of understandable why my wife disliked her new role at the moment. But I didn't know her feelings at that time and was starting to feel her frustration and I didn't pimp out why it was happening.

Later, confessed that she didn't feel the connection with the migration process because didn't feel part of it at all... comments such as "not important enough" or "my presence in the process isn't going to make any difference" or "I’m just a weight on this load"...

Freaked out, I couldn't understand at the moment, how could she felt that way? Did not notice we were doing it because of a better tomorrow for every one of us? But a couple of her perceptions made me realize the entire picture and enable a communication path for me to explain her several reasons why she is important.

  1. We are opting for the General Skilled migration programme because of her, which means, she open a chance for a better visa for both of us... Other way, I would have asked to fulfill more requisites and the visa would become merely a dream.
  2. The main applicant is going to be researched as deep as the migration department wants to. So, it is understandable why I am being asked to provide such diverse type of documentation.
  3. The number of families doing the same process is huge and that’s the reason why the agent communicates just with the main applicant. (I guess they do not know how to make a distribution list nor an e-mail contact group).
  4. She will eventually know what is happening with the process because can asks it to me anytime.
Once she spotted the gaps and fills it up with these reasoning, started searching for her papers to avoid losing time once in Australia to get her career as well. If you have this issue, all you have to remember is this is a family project and such as, you have to provide as much support as your family needs to and you will also receive support as well.


marialerondon said...

Yo de nuevo, dile a tu esposa que no se preocupe, eventualmente se sentira importante cuando tenga que presentar el examen de Ingles y puedan, con pasar el examen, ahorrarse la "multa" de 2600US$ (no estoy segura del monto actual). Mi esposo siempre dice con mucho orgullo (jaja) que el venia como chivito pegado a mi, su unico trabajo fue ahorrarnos el dinero y lo hizo! (con ese dinero se vive un mes aqui!)
Lo importante es llegar, tener todo en regla para trabajar y hacerse un buen futuro... sin importar como se lograron las visas! Relax!!!