Monday, February 16, 2009

Today was the national consult, querying the people if they wanted to have Chavez as president undefined amount of times. The journey went by with a series of small irregularities, confusing information and over exposed power by the government; but all that matters are the results of these inquiry “Do you want to expand the citizen’s rights by giving more power to the popularly elected president, allowing him (or any of the national figures) to be elected undefined and consecutive amount of periods – Yes or No”.

The results were: Yes 54%, No 45.99%

At the moment all I can feel is frustration, sadness and concern. Frustration because I can’t believe, nor understand how ignorant the people are people think or how they just ignore mayor issues affecting the society (thanks to anonymous on making me remember not to be a despotic person and to respect others by not disqualifying them - I can't become what I am trying to leave behind)... And applies for any country in the world really; it doesn’t matter if you live in a first world nation or the third; foolishness, stupidity, and comfort takes first place most of the time in people’s mind before general well being... Maybe this is the main reason why the world is in danger and about to lose sustainability for the human kind.

Sadness because in Venezuela some of my happiest, dearest moments (till I get to Australia and get my babies) were created and holds part of my most important treasure: my family.
Finally, concern because the amendment approval is the first step to full oppression, endless human right violation, and society’s destruction... I never thought I would ever have to chance to see my birthplace to sink the way is going to.

Venezuela's upcoming country flag???

So, gathering first impressions related to this government victory over society’s needs the “welcome to the banana republic” popped and the unavoidable need to look the proper definition to it came to my mind. According to Wikipedia it definition is:

“Banana Republic is a pejorative term for a country
that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture (e.g. bananas), and ruled by a small,
self-elected, wealthy, and corrupt clique.”

Ironically also points out a comment related to Australia saying:

“On 14 May 1986, the then Treasurer of Australia, Paul Keating, remarked during a radio interview with John Laws that Australia risked becoming a banana republic, referring to the size of the foreign debt relative to GDP.”

Being positive... I learned something about Australia. Being realistic, there is no better description for the upcoming years for Venezuela.

Without the whole political conversation (I don’t want my blog to become a political factor) I find complete absurd the fact that we (Venezuelan’s) have the commitment to vote again, to once more say “We don’t want Chavez forever in the power!”

Even though, I am preparing everything to go and vote for my option (guess what I am going to vote) in company of my family members; my wife already departure to her family appointment as well. So, all that matters now is the people’s participation in the process. Thankfully I won’t miss the frequent voting sessions once in Australia.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well… it had been 2 months and a little bit more and the Venezuelan president wants to query the people if we want him to rule “forever” (or until the 2049… he says the Venezuelan people will have the opportunity to change him… but without him everything will be burned out!)

Anyway, the debates had been unbalanced (in favor to the government wishes) so here you will have some political propaganda, against the indefinite reelections...

Pro "NO" choise song.

Pro "NO" choice propaganda. Don't let another Venezuelan be in the dictator's hall of fame.

The propaganda says: "Nothing is more dangerous than letting a citizen for long time in the power… because the people gets used to obey and the citizen gets used to command… from which only tyranny and usurpation born… - It's up to you if you let another Venezuelan to be part of the dictator's hall of fame"

Pro "NO" choice. We are on time.. Vote NO!.

The propaganda says: "fifty years ago we thought it was the best for the country... every five years there is elections but nothing really changes... Our time just stopped; and the worst thing is, even if we want it to change, we can't. - In Venezuela there is time to avoid it... Vote NO!"