Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well… it had been 2 months and a little bit more and the Venezuelan president wants to query the people if we want him to rule “forever” (or until the 2049… he says the Venezuelan people will have the opportunity to change him… but without him everything will be burned out!)

Anyway, the debates had been unbalanced (in favor to the government wishes) so here you will have some political propaganda, against the indefinite reelections...

Pro "NO" choise song.

Pro "NO" choice propaganda. Don't let another Venezuelan be in the dictator's hall of fame.

The propaganda says: "Nothing is more dangerous than letting a citizen for long time in the power… because the people gets used to obey and the citizen gets used to command… from which only tyranny and usurpation born… - It's up to you if you let another Venezuelan to be part of the dictator's hall of fame"

Pro "NO" choice. We are on time.. Vote NO!.

The propaganda says: "fifty years ago we thought it was the best for the country... every five years there is elections but nothing really changes... Our time just stopped; and the worst thing is, even if we want it to change, we can't. - In Venezuela there is time to avoid it... Vote NO!"