Friday, January 23, 2009

In memoria...

When you really know about the caring and loving someone had on you?

Is precisely the same day when says goodbye and never comes back.

Last night I got to my parents home after working all day long and I bumped them, tears flowing out and everything in their hearts shatter. My dog, my companion in adventures, games, resting, relaxing… my bro was dying because of a renal insufficiency, produced by a negligent vet… It crushed my heart to see him crying with the pain and I could not help it but to hug him as much as I could.

Sasher was a very special cocker spaniel… And I am not saying it because was mine; I hear it from tons of people who got to known him. Mine very special and loved dog which gave us his 200% of happiness, joyful and peaceful; even when we felt bad or sad or just distracted… The shiniest house’s light. 
He was such a kid, picked us at his first month of life leaving his barely owner and since then was part of the family… more than just some dog and more human being or civilised than many persons walking earth. Seriously, was special and I am already missing him so much...

Fought against dead till today’s 4:00AM when his sorrows got calmed and passed away, leaving us unforgettable moments. Today my family members buried his rests to our house’s garden... Right under the araguaney’s tree shadow, set up some stones on it, to honour his life and to have him close of our protection and caring. Writing this post (as well as the other notes in the other two blogs I have) was extremely hard and many didn’t understood my feelings; some people said “you got to have a pet to understand what others feels when they die” but the truth is Sasher was no pet, was my little furry brother.

Thank you for the laughter my dear Sasher

Sasher Landaeta
July 17, 1995 – January 22, 2009

By the way, sorry for the note, doesn’t have anything to do with my migration process but I really wanted to post it in honour him.


antony foster said...

hi rod,

sorry to hear about your dog. they become such a part of our family/lives that it leaves a giant hole when they are gone.

we also lost our senior dog during our immigration. only dog nuts will understand this, but we brought a bit of his ashes with us so that he would also make the jump.


Rod Landaeta said...

Thanks for the word Antony.


I'm really sorry to read that kind of sad news in your blog Rod, hope you feel better right now