Friday, January 4, 2008

If you want to migrate to Oz, first thing to do is get your career recognized by an Australian society, institution or department.


Cheez, I don’t know exactly why, but a logical reason should be related to the fact that the migration department will be ensured you want to go to Oz and your profession is required in its territory.

In my case, I had to register my university degree on the Australian Computer Society as a IT Professional.

Some papers used for this matter were:
  • Full Curriculum Vitae. As detailed as possible, including description of your work through very single project you had been. You also have to provide to these descriptions used tools such as: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Eclipse IDE with Perl, etc. In a further post I will publish more information related to the construction of the curriculum vitae.
  • Employment letters of every single job of the last 4 years. These letters most match exactly with the information included in the curriculum vitae. Double check your information with the employment letters to ensure dates and some details. The letter will be used to probe your knowledge and experience on the area you are up to.
  • Some passport sized pictures. (By the way, those aren't my pictures...)
  • Your university degree. My case was the bachelor degree in Computer Science.
  • Some forms… But I don’t remember the number because I choose to make the process with the assistance of an agent. I did sign and read a couple of papers but I rather give you the link to the ACS membership web page.

And that’s it.

Once you got all the paper, you send your information to the ACS and wait till your experience and knowledge get recognition and approbation as comparable with an Australian degree.