Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Into motion

This post might not make sense at all if you are not in software development... But today ended one sprint of the software I am involved with, and it was kind of satisfactory somehow.

Why you may say?

I can begin with the fact that these last two weeks I have been understanding more the product I am working on, but the real factor was that I start feeling productive again; not as near as I was used to in Venezuela but as close to quality software development can be. Even since I started working here I was involved in different software development methodologies which have made me to learn a whole bunch of new things. Cool things!

But these last two weeks I was able to start writing my own code without doing several stuffs out of company’s standard development procedures, it just feels great.

If you are moving to Australia, and still feel that something is not right at work... Don’t worry that much, what’s really important is that you start giving those baby steps... Learn how to work again. I am starting to know I have learned one more lesson of life (tidy related to never surrender or keep walking).

Till next post.