Thursday, November 20, 2008

The last four weeks we decided to retake every possible examination about to expire (our background check dated January and medical examination march or April), and there was some changes (related to decisions and price as well) in both cases.

Background check in Venezuela was pretty much plain the first time. All we needed to do was request to the ministry of justice our records. The request had to be made during morning hours (between 8PM to 10PM) any working day. The difference this time was, now we needed to take a number to be served and just the top 20 from the line were the ones to lodge the request.... Silly, uh?

Medical examination was also different, partially because we wanted to have another panel doctor instead the previous (which we didn’t liked at all), also there was a substantial fee difference. The first time we had to pay US$ 490.00 (sort of) and now US$ 750.00 (quite a difference, uh!!?). Thanks god, everything went as it should and our documents got to the HOC without incidents.

The magical question, why did we took every examination again?

The answer has two parts; first, we didn’t want to have a tight deadline to get the visa activation. Rush often comes with mistakes and we don’t want and can’t afford mistakes. And second, is recommended to send new documents before expiration, otherwise your case officer could put your case on hold and send a formal request for new examination, which is translated into time wasted.


Andrea Quiroz said...

Hi mate!!
(as you would know, the word 'mate' in Australia is like our 'pana')
Today I was looking for some information about the police records; I was surprised that I found so much information in your blogs, I think they are great, and very helpful for some other people, like me, or just anyone looking at options to migrate.
Actually I'm working on a visa too, just a different tipe, mine is in the 'Partner Migration' category. My boyfriend is aussie. I'm going to apply for a prospective marriage visa, to go there again and stay next year.

I'm doing the tramit by myself, and with my boyfriend's help of course, but as you and your wife have done so much already, I'd like to speak to you, maybe you could answer more specific questions that I have. And also I could tell you about my experience.
I was in Australia recently, in August until October 2008. I visited several places, (I don't know if you have been there before), so I could share with you some of that.
Now, I live in Caracas, and I just started looking for the things I need for this visa. I would appreciate a lot your help.
You can reply also in spanish, I just use any excuse to practice my english lately hehehe.
I wish you the best luck with your application!!


Rod Landaeta said...

Hey mate, thank you for sharing this information though I already apply it (as you might check later reviewing the blog).

At the moment I am also living in Caracas, so if you want we can setup a meeting and chat a bit (I sent you some information on email, check it and lets keep in touch).

Cheers :)