Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guts out!

Some days ago, Chatting with a mate find out that the current Venezuelan government is translating the results for other nations (such as Australia) and she sent me over a picture with “an explanation of the results of the previous regional elections in Venezuela”. This is the image her boyfriend took in Canberra, Australia:

Wordless to add anything. Click the image to see it bigger.

Now I wonder... Why the Venezuelan government worries about “explaining electoral results” outside? Maybe because is losing the good image outside of this boundaries? Or is it because the opposition candidates won the more populated areas in the country?

Well, the only thing this government really knows to do is that damn propaganda; nothing else for sure. Sadly even in Australia I will see this kind of waste or resources in propaganda meanwhile the poorest sectors in my country of birth dies because of the lack of urban planning, bad health system, bad police coverage, quality and service, corruption and many other diseases, reasons of my departure to overseas.

Hopefully the financial crisis and Christmas will make many to think about issues running wild free on the street. Meanwhile the country is preparing itself for the upcoming consult of amendment on the constitution’s article related to limited re-elections (which Chavez wants to change it to unlimited re-elections).