Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to: visit Australia.

Part of migrate, is the constant wondering of: “How my family or mates are going to visit us?” or “Do they want to visit us every now and then?”

Well, obviously it will be more frequent the other way around. You having to visit them every now and then, planning your family holidays to go back and meet the old buddies and catch up. But, in my family this Australia life is causing some kind of curiosity. My mom is asking about the weather or what kind of goods she could buy, presents and stuff, or even how do the people look like...

So I decided to look deeper into the requisites for anyone who wants to go for visit and the result was a bunch of different visas or permits that anyone could get easily and I break it into three (3) different posts (each according the type of visa provided by the department of immigration.)


Chris Lang said...

Hi Rod,

You've done a great job describing all of the possibilities for people to visit. There are so many varieties of the visas that it is really confusing and your posts save a lot of time!

Rod Landaeta said...

Thank you Chris. The entire post was my family's idea, they really wanted to understand what to do in case they wanted to go and visit me. In any case the effort was worth it of publish it (and the site is really difficult to navigate for them and most of the people who is looking for straight answers).

Anyway, Am glad you find it useful.