Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The ETA permit is a visitor permit designed for those who are outside Australia and wants to visit Australia for holidays, tourism, recreation and some studies or training, but it is exclusively for citizens (or passport carriers) or the following countries [click here]. You will be charged for US$20.00 to cover the service use.

The requisites for this permit are:
  • Be outside of Australia.
  • At the moment there are no health requirements except if you are going to have studies at a class-room environment in which case you will requested to get a chest x-ray examination.
  • Have a valid and listed passport.
  • Each family member must request their permit.
  • Fill up the online form.

Does this visa have any other benefit?

Except that the permit is valid for multiple entries and almost instantly approved... No. This visa is pretty much flat. You get it quickly, and you get it for visiting, that’s it.

  • The permit can’t be extended, so you will be requested to leave the country at the end of the maximum allowed term.
  • Can’t work. At least not a paying job. Voluntary is accepted with some limitations.
  • You may be requested to have medical examination.
  • Medical insurance. If you are at a risky age, make sure you buy a health insurance before traveling Australia. Otherwise you might pay the full price of a good health system.
  • Even if you are from the list of allowed countries, you got to be legally clear. If you have convictions then you have to apply for a tourist visa, the ETA will be automatically rejected.
For further information read this: immi web site

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