Thursday, September 25, 2008

The tourist visa is the one you want to use when you are visiting Australia for a holiday, recreation studying (up to three months) or even visiting family. With this visa you may do anything in the term of 3 three months except working and it cost US$ 100.00.
The requisites for this visa are:
  • At the moment there are no health requirements to request this visa.
  • Character requirements. You got to request the police checks as prove of your good behave.
  • Financial requirements. You got to prove you have enough money to go back and forth.
  • Children of underage. You need to have the common permits from your parents to travel.
  • Passport.
  • Plus a form, which you may want to take it online or if you prefer send it by standard mail.
Does this visa have any other benefit?

Well yeah, in case after a couple of months in Australia you want to stay a little longer, an extension can be requested to the migration department, in some cases the extension could be up to 6 months.


There are some remarks which you have to review just in case you are sure you want this visa to be the one to use.
  • You can’t work. At least not a paying job. Voluntary is accepted. It’s ok; you surely don’t want to use a recreational visa for working, are you?
  • Medical insurance. If you are at a risky age, make sure you buy a health insurance before traveling Australia. Otherwise you might pay the full price of a good health system.
  • If you are planning anything longer than 3 to 12 months (case to by studied) you should start thinking about this visa doesn’t fulfil your requirements.
  • Takes a couple of weeks to be approved. The visa requirements are checked at Howard, Tasmania, so it might take a while before you know if you get on of these. If your country belongs to the common wealth or to the European Community you should check the ETA permit which is way faster and cheaper.
For further information read this: Immi website

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