Thursday, October 2, 2008

The lost of values

Before going further I would like to share with you what family, personal and citizen values should be [but first, you should know before reading, this are thoughts and reflections of my current hometown and society].

Someone’s values will define his/her the character, charisma and the type of person. The three types of values should not be confused nor mixed, but in conjunction makes a perfect citizen, neighbour, employee and family member. The opposite representations to those values are the capital sins (or seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, pride, envy, wrath, sloth, lust) and somehow you can measure the importance the society gives to the personal and family values existence just by taking deep examination into the common citizen behave.

Well, the last couple of months I have been comparing the current Venezuelan society against the one I knew in my childhood. The result reassure that my decision to migrate to a healthier and well structured society (such as the Australian one) is the best way to ensure mental health, prosperity and correct offspring formation. Sadly this values lost isn’t a process that begun with the current government (but it was an accelerator). The entire situation makes me feel worried about the family that stays here and my new family generation which will grow in such a polluted and valueless environment.

The current Venezuela is a land of nobodies, where the common thing to watch every day is murder, crime, prostitution, corruption, felony and effrontery. Even the simplest event (such as, a pregnant woman gets the bus and most of the people start avoiding to watch to woman just to not let her sit or get a comfortable position; people with some disability is ignored too (even though the government says they do so much for the people and those in need, this is a façade avoiding the reality than the family and personal values are gone). I got to admit the issue isn’t just the government fault; this is a 90% people faulty formation, degraded family structure and extreme poverty...

And what had happened with those members of the society, the motivators, educators and those whom inject into the society some values to avoid the total collapse? Those are being persecuted by the government because those are the very few who stands up against the felony and the corruption spotting the rotten society’s members… or as I am doing and some other families already did… choosing not to fight anymore and leave. Sad isn’t it?

If you’re thinking at this point… “You coward! Because of people like you is that your society situation is worst. People who decide to leave, people who doesn’t fight.” I just got to tell you: you might be right; I was coward and didn’t want to stand this horrible situation… this deploring situation. But fill up my shoes, imagine be in a self centered society where numberless citizen has been fired from their jobs because of believes, mentally tortured and persecuted, which every day worst educational systems and more cultural damage… year after year for decades… Don’t you give a thought to moving out? What you think?



welcome to the jungle rod...this is the normal situation in most of our countries right now.

I think that your country wasn't used to migrate a few years ago, but right now the situation has changed and to tell you the thruth, you, and all the people who are thinking to migrate are not are very very victor (from perth) told me....migration is not for all, is only for brave people who decide to change and to take very difficult challenges..! certainly, is not for cowards right?

Bernie said...

I'm going to australia too. And definitely I don't consider myself a coward! jajaja. I believe it's more like fer once said, he had lost his country (or something like that). Well, I think I lost my country too. I'm tired of being the one who protest when the neighbours make too much noise, or about the secretary being late, while everyone doesn't care at all! You are not a coward... actually, a pretty brave person. It takes courage to go to the other side of the world! Best regards

Rod Landaeta said...

Guys, thanks for sharing your feelings... The topic is related to one of the heaviest reason why I choose to move to Australia. Obviously I don't feel like a coward, but I have been said the same thing over and over and over again that the only way to do is admit I certainly don't want to stand this horrible situation...

Anyway, thanks for your comments.