Thursday, June 17, 2010

This beautiful trophy should visit down under!
As many of you (I am sure that everyone to be precise) must know the World Cup is ON right now... And even though my predictions have been extremely low this world cup I did wanted to point something out.

Many months ago I published the ‘Do you want to come and play?’ post, commenting about the bid placed by Australia to host the world cup 2018 or 2022. I have been terribly sadden when I start hearing during the world cup that Australia was withdrawing the 2018 bid to host the world cup, due to the imminent election of a European country as the host...

Is not surprising the FIFA choose a European country given that they are pretty much inclined to European markets (this is wildly seen in the matches schedules and propositions on the FIFA committee decisions). But I am totally confident that Australia, as one of the richest nations in the world, with plenty of infrastructure and planning can earn the trust of the FIFA world cup.

So please FIFA... as one of the citizens and habitants of this beautiful continent island... please, come and play with us... for us.

Listen out!


Jorge Luis González Berdeal said...

Hola que tal Rod, como estas? he estado siguiendo alguno de los foros que tienen y la verdad me han sido de mucha ayuda. Estoy planeando viajar a AUS en enero, por 6 meses a aprender ingles pero con ganas de ver para quedarme si eso me gusta, me gustaria hablar contigo por emial. Porfa si puedes hazme llegar tu correo o pideme que te pase el mio. Gracias por todo.


Rod said...

Hola Jorge... disculpa que no te habia contestado antes... Creo que lei el mensaje pero se me paso la respuesta.

Si tienes ganas de quedarte a vivir en Australia, creo que lo peor que podrias hacer es venirte como estudiante... vas a pagar un dineral adicionalmente que es un proceso larguisimo y dificil.