Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Many of you may not care about this post... but I forgot to bring my towel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please... don't panic....
those are the most important phrase in the entire universe.
By the way... I am not crazy

If you are wondering... Today is the towel day in America (I am one day ahead... so I forgot my towel yesterday to celebrate the Douglas Adams tribute... Yeah yeah, I know... I am not making myself clear.

Douglas Adams was an English writer... Author of ‘Hitchhiker guide to the galaxy’, ‘The restaurant at the end of the universe’, ‘Life, Universe and everything’, ‘so long... and thanks for all the fish’, and ‘Mostly harmless’... All of them brilliant and entertaining.

Thumbs up...
So... happy towel day and thanks for all the fish.

Edit: Boing boing and other sites has added some information about the towel day... 


treaz said...

I didn't forget mine... I carried it with me the whole day.