Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A common question people (with brand new visas) do is...
How do I know where is my visa number?
How do I read the information in it?

Let’s see if I can dissipate as many doubts as I can =D

First, here is an Australian visa...

yup, I know you might have seen it before...

And here is an Australian visa with numbers and legend (thanks to 'Visa HQ' to publish the info)

Our 'prreciouss' visa (Gollum voice)
1. Australia visa category as defined by Australian embassy. Expose the number of times you can travel in and out Australia.
2. Australia visa validity. Grant date.
4. Name of Australian visa holder. That would be you (if you have one, of course).
14. Australian visa number. Pretty much self explanatory.
16. Date of Australian visa expiration. Maximum allowed date for you to arrive to Australia otherwise your visa is cancelled.
18. Purpose of entry to Australia. Why are you visiting of coming to Australia.
19. Forget this one... Applies to business visa only.

If that isn't enough description... I also found the image below...

Click on the image to get it in better resolution.

Hope this is useful.
Comments are well received.


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