Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have been checking my blog visit logs and I have found some interesting topic made to Google and forwarded to me related to...

Hahaha, well... not precisely. I know the questions
is not related to crazy love...
But you got to admit, the image is nice.

Do Venezuelans love for Australians?

In general, yes. Venezuelans are weird as people and I am not saying it as a negative note. Our culture is pretty weak in comparison to most of the Australians and thus, we feel curiosity about their culture, their manners and experiences. We love (in most of the cases) the Australian accent and somehow we would like to have it, but without losing that exotic ‘thing’ we have.

Now, if anyone was asking about actual ‘love’ I have found that we enjoy blending with Australians (or to be honest, with anyone who’s not Venezuelan as the matter of fact but those whom are already married).

What I have seen?
At least two friends are in serious relationships with Australians and some acquaintances (single or divorced) are married/dating Australians.

Yeah, maybe the image is off topic... but I love Australia so much ^.^
And I think it was brilliant to put it in here based that I am
writing about Venezuelans and Australians... The girl has an Australian flag
as shirt, but her hair, shirt and heart contains in the exact order
the colours of my hometown's flag.
So yeah, I can say Venezuelans enjoy Australians (as friends or partners). Or at least that is my perception...

What do you thing?


Snap said...

I'm happy to hear that Venezuelans like Australians ;) ...I think the feeling would be mutual. I like to think that Australians are generally (there are idiots in every country) welcoming and friendly, but because I am one, it's a bit hard to tell.