Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oz’s winter

The last few days have been ‘rush-on – adrenaline tops’ with the Fifa World Cup... HAHAHA, not really... The 2010 world cup has been a great let down for me because:

1. Every single game has been played from 12 AM to 5 AM Sydney time. So... I am not going to break my sleeping schedule just to watch a bunch of games... Yeah, maybe I am a really bad fan.
2. Italy and Australia were out the entire contest... No inspiration to watch any of the other games.
3. The entire tournament has been a little bit too weird... Some people has told me that adds some emotion to the tournament... but for me, players aren’t playing at their fullest.


Given that I don’t want to talk about soccer in the next four years (with the exception of the next world cup qualification round) I would like to talk about something else... like the winter.

A decade-ish ago (way before I started thinking about moving) I was parting at a mate’s house when I overheard someone saying ‘yeah mate... it is June and freaking freezing in Australia!!! How odd is that?’
Must be honest, I didn’t know that the southern hemisphere has the opposite weather conditions than the northern hemisphere... The June I knew at that time has an extremely hot, sometimes rainy season; and I couldn’t understand that Australia was ‘freaking freezing’. Checked over the internet... Yes, I googled it for my amusement.

Last year, Kathy and I had just a taste of the winter... or being more precise, we just tasted fall and we couldn’t imagine how chill the Australian winter could be.

What do I have to say about it?
My mind defaulted to the Canadian winter... tons of ice and mud... and ice; which is not comparable at all with Australia... but I really hoped to be colder than I have experienced so far.

The winter has been a couple of showers every now and then, persistent cold at nights and warmer days... till last June 30 and July 1 when the nightly weather was really cold, getting as chill as 0 degrees in some areas around my home...


I had the chance to watch ice on the grass and cars on my way to work. Nothing that a good blanket, quilt and PJs cannot fix.

What Kathy could say?
Should note at this point, she suffers on cold weathers… (or hates it… but ssssh… don’t tell her I told you =S )

Haven’t been as horrible as she expected... And I based that comment on ‘we have not needed to turn on the heater at least one and she has been comfortable with her Pjs and blanket’ observation... maybe I should really ask her and publish that comment here :P

The abstract of this post is:
Australia is as lovely as always, even on winter :D