Thursday, February 3, 2011

Warning: I got over excited with the camera... 
You are about to watch the biggest photo display I have ever shown in here.
Read it at your own peril as the post you are about to read is powerful, complex and probably filled with redaction or grammar issues.
I am not responsible for over-excitation, dizziness, headaches, bladder control or diarrhea.

Yeah, yeah, I know I haven’t put a word in the blog related to this year Australia Day (or any Australia day as the matter of fact)... But I got pretty cool pictures to show you...

The Australia Day is celebrated every January 26th and is one of the coolest events in the Aussie society...
And you may ask, why?

For starters, is the anniversary of being found... or I should say the day in which the first fleet arrived to Sydney; because the term ‘found’ could be incorrect for people with aboriginal background... to them ‘Australia Day’ is known as ‘Invasion Day’ (an educated guess tells me the British did exactly the same as the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and British people when they arrived to America... Obliterated everything local; raped every single woman – to ‘purify the local race’ – and stole every valuable item they could find in their way...). In any case, fortune or disgrace, that day marked the birth of a great nation, blessed with tons of natural resources, ease mind people willing to enjoy everything and great sense of patriotism. If you want to read a bit more, click here.

Nice couple amused with the beauty of the harbour bridge

Also... Australia Day is a perfect day in the middle of the summer (well... almost in the middle) to share the company of mates, family, neighbours or strangers... Why not to spend it walking around getting amused with ten (or more) different distractions? Or visiting some friends? Anything... but outdoors...

See? everybody outside having a great time
Then you have the beautiful beaches waiting for you... to lie on its sand, swim or surf...

Imagine what you can do in the country/island... Cool isn't it?

Not to forget the parks everywhere equipped with good barbies getting hot to cook that fillet, t-bone, or any type of meat you may want to eat.

Beautiful green areas to take a sit and rest

And what about events in every corner of the city? Those charming events that keeps your mind busy so you can be worriless.

I was trying to be artistic... and Failed

And the awesome weather... Doesn’t matter if is raining or cloudy... at some point the sun will rise and shine (although right now we have a hell of a cyclone on the north coast).

Sweet girl, enjoying the sunny day

Plus... some people gets the chance to say ‘I do’ on holy matrimony to the state and the country... becoming Australian citizens.
Kathy said this image left a mark on me...
'You were thinking that's gonna be me in 3 years, right?'

And last but not least, (maybe the most important reason I could think so far) is a bloody public holyday! So NO WORK!

Let's smash the kiwis to get one Monday off!
(If you are a Kiwi think about it... you will get it too!)

What can I tell you? I couldn’t resist starting taking pictures and try out our new camera. Well, I have to be honest... I tried to get cool pictures. You’ll tell me if I did a good job or not!

Our Aussie Day begun with some 'Lazy Town'... (Not very exciting for us... but it was outstanding for most of the kids there)... Then we moved to more interesting things... like site sighting... and vintage cars...

And I give you... the Stang!
Kathy loves them... I am still waiting for her to get one =D

These things are really teeny tiny... I could wear a couple of those as shoes!
A Parliament visit... which I must confess... it was thrilling to be inside, in the same place where the laws are conceived and defined... and a bunch of people grabs tons of money to tell others how to behave... In any case, it was very nice.

If you want to take a look to the details, click on the image.

A panoramic view of the legislative assembly room

A chimney in the Jubilee Room
And a fountain... I was really trying to get a bird flying around...

Also mirazozo...

Yup... Mirazozo... is not a Japanese word and is well-written... Mirazozo is an exhibit of the architects of air, very impressive and highly recommended by the way, that shows structures made of simple materials that create immersive and mesmerising alien environments. It really is a dazzling experience (but the queue is not... took us one hour and ten minutes to get in... I recognise the waiting time was aggravated by the day and the volume of attendees).

Look at the eyes... at the eyes... you are under!

Mirazozo is filled with nice spots to sit to stare the colours, shapes and optical illusions.
The colours inside are the consequence of captured light in optic fiber!

But once inside... you can't really associate the exterior with the internal structure...

The picture above shows you the external structure of the blue and red picture previously displayed.
Thankfully the tubes are big enough so I could walk freely.
I couldn't help to feel inside Tron a little bit...

Having as ending fireworks launched at Darling Harbour. It was packed at the time we got there... but we managed to get a very good spot and take some pictures, a video and the panorama at the end of this post...

Australia Day Darling Harbour fireworks...

I took a bit of my time to take this panorama of Darling Harbour with its lights
and everything. Click on it to view it on its full resolution
(well... the down sampled version, because the real image is bigger than 17000 pixels width :P)

Well boys and girls... Hope you liked my pictures... I tried hard to get cool images (as well to extend my skills as photographer). I am going to stop writing so you can get new underwear or recover from this.

Cheers and till next time.


Anonymous said...

My god! I wrote on my "australia day" post "Go to Rod´s blog if you want to see picture, he´ll post them soon"... Thank youuuuuuuuu!!! :)

El Lado B Del Planeta (Monólogos Bipolares) said...

The picture of the Darling Harbour is spectacular! And you have also good pictures in your post jejeje...

I was thinking... howe long does it takes ti planify this!?!?!?

Australians are "fajados".

...And I also liked that the military parade seems to be reduced....

Rod said...

@Nena, No worries :)

@Adriana, Aussies try their harder to get things working as best as possible... But I guess these events are just custom... They plan it in early January.. ish?

And there is military presence every now and then... I just didn't find cool pictures to load them :S

G y J said...

Rod... really nice post... And the pictures were awsome.
The ones I liked the most were the ones inside the piece of art. Good manage of the light.
Also the panoramic view is breathtaking.
Thanks for this

David Tchepak said...

Really like your photography. You have a really good eye for shots :) (well, I don't know much about photography, but I know what I like, and your pics are neat :)).