Saturday, February 12, 2011

And back to the boxes...

Almost two years ago I said ‘I don’t want to see boxes anymore... not in a very long time...’
But apparently the owner of my unit thinks otherwise...

Ever since we arrived to Oz we have been living in the same flat... We rented from Caracas to arrive to our friend’s home, but with a place in which we could leave our boxes, bags and luggage.

This flat saw us picking up two sofa chairs from the rubbish and a wood dining table used by our mates, and their mates and the mates of our mate’s mates. I think it also hated us filling up two beanbags (our very first furniture acquisition) and then trying to get out of unimaginable place the f-ing little beans.

The glass tables weren't among the rubbish...
But you can see both sofa chairs :P

We had our first job phone-interview, helped us to receive more friends, shared it cool things (and not so cool). It helped us to imagine how our Aussie life could be, what we want to improve and what we want it just like it is.

It waked us up with birds singing.

A magpie singing...

It waked us up sweat up and afraid of the crushing, earth-quake alike sound of the freight train passing by at full speed at 3 AM.

Little difference... Mine... sometimes... is longer.

It gave us amazing sunsets.

One of the outstanding sunsets... The entire sky orange-reddish.
It gave us amazing sunrises (but I couldn't find any of my pictures to show you =S ).

But at the end... it... wasn’t the flat... it was Australia. And so we decided to move out and go far away from this flat on the ground level of a building in Hornsby...

That’s why we are going to move to the 9th floor of the same building =D


So... boxes are back... ‘Freaking boxes’... with crates and bags and luggage again... so, we will see how it goes =P

Till next time ;)


El Lado B Del Planeta (Monólogos Bipolares) said...

First of all, I'm sure you took the picture of your sofa chairs with your love... it's a great picture! so warm.....
Then, I need to tell that you're great writer as you produce sensations in people who read your posts(at least in me)and then when I get to the end, I just think.... F***K I was about to cry!!

Congrats for your new place! Hope the boxes leave it very soon!

Rod said...

Well, thank you :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Ooooh I know the feeling!
But it is always great when improving...Believe me!

Frank said...

Divorces and movings: The less the better.

I can truly certify how comfy those chairs are. I felt sleep there when jet lag still kicked me.

The train really seemed fucking endless. Pretty sure you won't miss it whatsoever.

See you soon menor!!!!