Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Power Plant

I think everyone knows what a Power Plant is… but I am not talking about that kind… The one that I am talking about a bit more artistic…

Uhms... not that artistic either... I didn't travel to Johannesburg...

Power Plant is an exhibition at Darling Harbour in the Chinese Garden which will blow your head… if you are not careful with one of the branches…

See? some people never listen... Another guy who loses his head with the f**ing branch.

Anyway… Last Saturday Kathy and I went to take a look and we really liked it… The idea is to present an array of electronic sounds, kinetic sculptures, projections and music to delight you and your senses with the magical experience of the Chinese Garden in the middle of Sydney’s CBD.

We were there at 9PM, being inside just 10 minutes later. I have to say, is not necessary to be there before hand, we walked Darling Harbour end to end… at 8:30 my legs were crying for a bit of relax, but Kathy was too excited taking pictures to literally everything (water, kids, sky, buildings, boats, people jumping, more water, birds, etc). The first exhibits you will find is pretty simple but remind me a game called ‘Echochrome II’, you have a bunch of bonsai trees on tables and light properly arranged so it projects a scene as background…
I am really sorry about my picture... it doesn't make any justice of how cool is the scene in shadows.

The game I was making reference to...

As you keep moving forward you will find more interesting stuff such as glowing bellflowers hanging from trees, disco balls giving you the illusion of being in the middle of a lightning bug’s dance, creepy dresses suspended from the floor with women singing in the background, to a forest of floor lamps to an outstanding garden of colourful little windmills.

Colourful windmills... Imagine a world like that...

The experience is wonderful and in addition you get to watch Sydney in a total different view… At this you feel in the middle of an alien world or miles away from here... Very surreal. I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids. They will love the sounds and the scenery, plus there are tons of things to watch.

Absolutely fantastic... don't you think?

Cheerios and till next time :)
PS: almost every image was taking by me =) (that explains why they look so crappy... again, Johannesburg, Sleepy Hallow and Echochrome... not me)...


Ivan said...

Hey Bro, how are you?
Believe it or not, I've been following your Blog for more than a year, but I never wrote you before.
I am from Venezuela as well and my wife and I have been living in New Zealand during the last 5 months; we expect to be moving to Australia around April and although we're heading Perth, we would like to spend a few days in Sydney.
We'd love -if it's possible- to meet you and your wife, cause your blogs (all of them) have been like beacons in our migration process.
My mail and msn is dharmafusion@hotmail.com, and I look forward to hear from you guys soon!


Rod said...

Hi Ivan,

There is a lot of people following my blogs but few comment on them... I really don't know if I am doing something wrong or just attract shy/quiet public :P
I enjoy the comments and I have made some really good friendships around the world (eventually I get to know 'em in person).

Anyway, I'm glad you have found my blogs useful.

I will email you to check dates and stuff... No worries.