Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sun, sun, sunny, sun, sun.

This weekend Sydney was pretty moved... I know it will sound cliché... but as moved as I have never seen it... Ha ha, obviously, I haven’t seen that much of Sydney in four months I have been here.

To tell you about what kind of things we did this weekend... on Friday, my wife decided to establish a research about the Sydney Festival. An annual event of Sydney (I don’t remember if this is the third year of the event) where lots of people gather in several places of the city, to celebrate summer... Late arvo same Friday one of my fellow team members at Cochlear was telling me about the festival and well... Opinions of locals have serious weight on my perspective and planning of what to do on the weekend. And so, Sydney’s Festival was list’s top priority.

If you want to know more about the festival, click on the links, or watch the video bellow.

The hot Saturday (yesterday) went on with music and dancing... well, to be honest, the dancing was kind of erratic more than with a rhythm particular, but hey! At least the people that I saw knew how to move the feets, and that, compared to many other countries, is outstanding. At the end of the night, we tried to grab a spot in the domain to enjoy the Al Green concert... but duh! Al Green was the top scorer of the Sydney Festival first day and we were getting at last to grab a place. From our point of view, we only could see Al Green moving the hands on top... Still though the show was good, but we hit the road at the fourth song due to the amount of people in the concert; odd 120,000 people in there when a mate made an interesting observation...

“I think the train will collapse as soon as the concert ends”

As the Saturday was a lovely sunny day... Kathy and I decided to go to the beach today (Sunday) and so, we choose “Curl Curl” as the beach to visit with some of our friends... Needless to say more... ‘One image worth more than thousand words’ is a old saying in Venezuela... Here (Oz) is ‘images speak be themselves’

How do you think my awesome Sunday was?
By the way, I took this picture... I have no idea if my photography skills are improving but still I am proud of it :P

Till next post.


Maitena said...

Hi Rod!! It seems you and your wife had a great time during the weekend!!! It's really great to hear your experiences!!
Oh! and by the way, I loved the picture!!! I thought it was from a magazine or something!!! Great photographic skills!!!


Gabriel said...

Remember us when you´re in the Glory, they say....
Best regards!!

Rod said...

Hi Maitera, thank you for the comment :)

Gabriel, I am and always do.