Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lindbergh’s son

Maybe you don’t quite understand the title of this post but I will explain it shortly. But to get to that, I must tell you first that I am working!...At this point I am sure you have read my previous post, titled ‘Christmas present or Channukah miracle’ were I was mentioning that I found a job just at the moment I was starting to lose my temper (But I got to admit, for me it was pretty much easy as I just had few interviews before being accepted).

The real thing was I was addressed to start working from January 4th, 2010. So I had a bit of resting before starting my duties. And so, I started this year with a series of inductions about to things get done around here... Not much to talk about and I am certainly not going to talk about the insights of my work, but I funny thing (for you, not for me) happened yesterday at the end of my journey. I was heading to the exit of the building, minded in my brand new book “Agile – principles, patterns and principles...” (if you aren’t from IT... is NOT a sporty book, so don’t ask) and I jumped in the bus to then take the train to my home. As the reading went on and trying to get mentally compiling the code of the book pages... fighting with the authors of the book trying to get into my mind a simplistic yet powerful thought that I tried several times to sell (in idea) to director or project managers of one of my clients. In the heat of the fight with me virtually writing the code with the authors I started noticing a faint voice coming from the front of the bus; which shortly after a few moments when from low to a more louder sound till hit me quite strong


I looked around trying to identify the place and then I thought “this is not Macquarie Centre! Were the bloody hell am I???” I looked to the driver lady saying ‘I am supposed to drop off at Macquarie Centre... How do I get there from here?’ and she looked immobile and unbreakable... Just opened her mouth to say ‘Boy... you are quite far from Macquarie at all... You are at the moment at Denistone East and you better go off this bus as is out of service from this point on... You can wait the bus at the other side of the road to go back to Macquarie if you want (16 – 18 bus stops overdue from here)... The bus will be here in an hour or so. Bye!’ closing the bus’ door and leaving me there, feeling lonely and lost.

In Venezuela there is a common saying when someone is hopeless lost... Being as ‘lost as Lindbergh’s son’. My first thought was, ‘let’s take a look to the bus timetable’ just to realise the bus I was supposed to take was the very last for that day and the zone is just a small residential area with big trees closing my view to any direction I could try to. Then I pulled out my cell phone, dial my wife number to hear a lovely voice saying ‘hi there... you don’t have no money to call, browse internet or anything else... if you want to recharge your phone this is pretty much the time now!’

I looked everywhere, no store near... The Lindbergh’s son feeling as on as ever before... I had to calmed down a bit, take several deep breaths then feel a bit relief when the bus appears at the very end of the road. Jumped back into the bus with my eyes wide open just in case I went right by the train station again...


Maitena said...

Hi Rod!!! I found your blog in English. I'm going to start reading it later this afternoon, 'cause now I'm working...jeje!
I'm going to add it to my list in my blog in English; I hope that's ok.


Rod said...

No worries Maitena :) I will add yours as well to my list :P

Gabriel said...

Heyy!!! Rod, I haven´t visited your Blog since last year, It sounds like a long time ago, no??
I just want to send you my best wishes for this new year, and to warn you, You just cannot abandon this "Box of Dreams" that we, your readers always find here.

Rod said...

Hey Gabriel, thanks for the good wishes. Do not worry about me abandoning my blog as I am trying to get the custom of writing in it as a diary... Takes time and I would like to post interesting things... but I will be improving it.

treaz said...

Agile - you saying?
Like in Extreme programming.
Nice coincidence: I've also investigating this subject recently.
I take it you're a programmer.
What do you code in?

Keep in touch?

Rod said...

Agile as... Agile :P
But you are right, we use a little bit of pair programming and extreme programming. I was reading that book as a suggestion of my project manager which was so kind of giving it to me as a present. I was extremely useful to find differences between Microsoft MSF for Agile and pure Agile.

Even though I was taunt software development and programming are two different things, yes, you can say that I am a programmer. I develop using C# on .net. Sort of 3 years of experience on C/C++ && Embedded C and little bit of experience in Java. At the moment I am learning ruby as well :P