Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visa stamped

Yesterday we got back ours passport with the Australian Visa stamped. It was awesome to receive the envelope from DHL and find inside a smaller postcard sized white envelope, with ours names handwritten with the passport inside.
Here is a picture of it.
Passports and Envelope.

Australian visa sample

Moving to meaningful subjects, how to send the passports to the Australian Embassy. Well, for us in Venezuela is kind of messy because isn’t allowed to send personal documents (as credit cards, passports, identifications or registrations) in any post office. We had to go to the main office located in “La Californía” (full address at the bottom of the post), then pay for the fees and everything else and include a polite request with the passport’s number, grant number and full passport holder names.
The content of the request letter was something like:
Australian Embassy.
Santiago de Chile.
In the present letter we, [you names in here which should be first applicant names and rest of the family members], [your nationality here], holders of the passports [first applicant passport number, same order as names passport numbers], formally request to you the permanent visa ext 175 stamped in each of our passports as specified in the grant letter attached to this document. Once stamped, we would like you to send it to [full address here] to be charged on destination.
In addition to the information provided here, you can find at the bottom our phone numbers and email addresses to communicate on any event, issue or update.
With nothing else to say and waiting cheerfully our documents back we salute you.
Best regards.
Rod & Kat.
[Passport numbers]
[Phone numbers]
[Email Addresses]

Finally, the passports round trip took 7 days but we couldn't pick it up till this Friday.
Till next time


Mary Elizabeth said...

Praise God! Congratulations again to you and Katy.
Sydney is really a lovely place you all will love it!.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Iza+Ed said...

Congrats Rod!!!
Now, pack your bags and rush to your new life!!

Rod Landaeta said...

thank you sweethearts :)

Vijay said...
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Vijay said...

Congratulations Rod! Wish you all the very best for your move and your life in Australia!

I am also planning to apply for Australian Immigration and would like to know if you went through an agent or applied directly. If you went through an agent, would you recommend your agend and if yes, can you please let me know the details. I would like to get a reference for a qualified agent.


Rod Landaeta said...

Thank you vijay...

I applied through an agent called "Viva en Australia" but their english representatives (well... not really, Viva en Australia are the latin american representatives or SCA) are Southern Cross Alliance. Mike Booney its director... so you can trust them.

My entire process took about 24 to 27 months (some how short for this days) but DIAC (Department of Immigration And Citizenship) promised to reduce processing time to something more interesting...


Vijay said...

Thanks Rod for the details. Could you please also let me know the approx. agent fees?

Again, wish you all the very best in your new life!


Andrea Quiroz said...

Woooohooo!!! Congratulations mate!
I'm still waiting, but so want to get mine ;)