Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vaccines ready.

I just had post this earlier, but rushing around to get the money, get things done before departing and working is kind of a pain at the moment :P

Anyway, shortly after getting the grant, my wife and I went to the sanity department to get shotted with the yellow fever vaccine and it was pretty much easy. Well, to be honest I was the only one receiving shots cause my wife had to donate blood to my godmother, meanwhile I got a very sore arm for a couple of days; not because of the yellow fever, I got 4 other shots (those were the just in case... you never know...)

So what? What’s the point with this post? Oh, you got to remember to get this vaccine 40 days prior travelling, got it remembered today be the airfare seller by saying “if you do not have the yellow card (the international vaccine history card) you will have to wait in quarantine in Auckland, New Zealand till Oz is pretty much sure you don’t have it, ok?”

Even though I got shotted, my history board isn’t yellow... So I have to go back to sanity dept and ask for the international one, already called and is pretty much simple, all you got to do is take your white card, go to sanity dept and ask for the international card, within some minutes you will be done and ready. Here in Venezuela is pretty much common not provide the yellow card when you get any vaccine, so they are used to being called and asked for the same thing.

Cheers and till next post.