Monday, April 6, 2009

Digested thoughts.

Couple of days later the grant, I found myself thinking about the trauma involved in the migratory process and its aftermath. For me it was (seriously) easiest and less traumatic than many in my surroundings and I can’t held to make a comparison of the process when I took the challenge against those with this process ahead and the conclusion is somehow disappointing.

Why or How disappointing?

Let’s begin with the current “filter” applied by DIAC to new applicants. At the moment those within CSL (Critical Skilled List), regional / family / work sponsorship has the upright, as a move to contain the collision of world financial crisis on Australia… How? Avoiding unemployment and unnecessary exchange of expensive local workers with incoming cheap labor hands proceeding from people overseas.
Next higher English requirements, to improve your chances of success in your new life.

Then rocket high airfare prices which consumes many of our resources to move to Australia, direct consequence of the unbalanced price of petrol (at the moment a shadow of what it was, but the prices didn’t came back to earth).

Finally (and this one applies only to those in Venezuela) our monetary exchange control, which forbid us to freely exchange our savings into American’s or Australian’s dollars, making us apply for disfavoring monetary arrangements losing two thirds of our saving in the process.

So what?

Well, if you want to apply for a visa (or is your dream to move to Australia) one thing is for sure… You got to have hell of an assessment and planning in order to make it come true; get ready for its financial implications and long term processing. And don’t take the English for granted (if isn’t your language or birth) if you are planning to move down under you got to be native on its use.
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Titania said...

It is interesting to see how young people cope with their migration, now. We migrated in 1974 that is a long time ago. I have my diary: Best wishes T.

Rod Landaeta said...

Certainly when you did your process to migrate down under was different (and somehow more difficult). I will be reading your blog in the upcoming days, thanks for sharing your wisdom thought blogging.