Sunday, March 22, 2009

And the day has come…

More than a year ago, my visa application was submitted to consideration; so I can be able to live, grow and work in Australia, the Thursday morning I receive a call from my case manager saying:

“Hi Rod… are you there? I am calling you because there has been some update in your case… Pretty good news, your visa has been granted!”

This video is the more accurate description of how do you feel the following minute and seconds after receiving the grant letter. Or at least, it was for me.

Ode to Joy...

Putting words to those wacky images… Didn’t know how to feel, finally the closure of this stage of the process has come, I can move on now, prepare the upcoming changes, send our stuff to Sydney, arrange the wire transfers… But at the same time, couldn’t avoid a pain in the chest; give a thought or two on your family, how to tell’em?

My first reaction was to stay put, call my wife, talk to co-workers and continue with my duties (even though I was so out of focus)... being unstable between long times unexpressed happiness / joy, euphoria, and sadness... All at once; just as Will Smith in “Pursuit of happiness” ending scene.

Even though I tried to call my mom for the last two days, and talk to her about it... Couldn’t communicate with her (thanks god, didn’t had the courage to tell her I am leaving any time soon) but today... after the standard “hi, how are you? How’s everything?” and a short period of time (5 long seconds of silence) the words came out of my mouth
Me: “Mom, I have the Australian visa...”

As reflect she said “Oh my god, good for you...” (Shocked tone of voice) “When are you leaving?”

Me: “Dunno mah, June, July... whenever fare is cheapest”.

Nothing else came out from us, said goodbye and hang the phone out.

What’s next?

- Digest a bit.
- Finish up a couple of things in home.
- Pack everything up.
- Send over some boxes.
- Read 15 booklets, sent with the grant letter.
- Enjoy my family for the time being.
- Prepare future posts...
- Finish off activities with my customers.

Thanks for reading, till next time.


Now and Then said...

Horray!!... Horray!! Finally!!! Congratulations.
God bless for you all.

Matt Hackett said...

Hi mate,

You don't know you but I've been following your blog as my partner and I are going through a similar process (she is Venezuelan) and I have to say: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

That's great news, the more Venezuelans in Australia, the better! Good luck with everything and I wish your family the best with everything. Welcome to Australia!


Rod Landaeta said...

Mary, thank you very much for the comment and blessing :)


Matt, thanks for the warm welcome and following my blog. Is great to know I can help people or at least share things with them.


Librana said...

Que buena se ve esa peli Pursuit of happiness, tendré que alquilarla!!! una actuación dramática de las buenas de Will Smith.

Debe haber sido duro contarle a tu madre que te irías pronto, pero estaría feliz por tí.

Me imagino tu alegría!!

Un beso y suerte por Australia!

Rod Landaeta said...

Pues si librana, la película es una de las mejores de Will Smith, yo no lloro en las películas y esa me tenía el alma arrugadita, muy buena.

Y si, fue un poco dificil contarle a mi madre sobre la aprobación de la visa y se alegró porque ella (desde que inicié los trámites) pensaba que estaba siendo victima de una estafa gigantesca. Pero al mismo tiempo se dió cuenta que todo lo que le estuve diciendo era muy cierto... Durante los últimos días se ha tornado muy seca (dura al trato)... supongo es producto de su adaptación por mi partida; pero cada padre tiene una forma diferente de reaccionar.

Saludos y gracias por tu participación.