Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little change of plans.

Well, the last couple of weeks I have been terribly busy with bunch of stuff to fix, paint and solve...

Why?... What? Didn’t I tell you? I had to move to an apartment in the Caracas CBD (which isn’t that glamorous as the Sydney CBD by the way...) meanwhile my family moved to a town called “Sabaneta del Hatillo”, a satellite town of Caracas.

The thing is, I didn’t pictured moving elsewhere but Australia. The truth is, I had to move here... At first (I must onfess) did not like the idea of moving to a dangerous place as the CBD, but didn’t had a choice because my parents house will be too far from my office and I really had to start going by my own (when is related to self hosted or living alone with my wife).

So, how is everything? A lot better than expected... With several painting layers and tons of work started to be our home; not too big, not too shabby but ours.

Funny thing, the packing and unpacking had pretty good consequences, lots of garbage were throw, useful clothes gave away and some research about how to save space (which you might read, link is above), but even with all those preparations we didn’t even give a thought on... “What will we need for the apartment?”

The Sundays night (March 1st, our first night in the apartment) we didn’t had enough to have a decent dinner... Thankfully a couple of sandwiches were the solution and during the entire week fill up our food stocks. But Murphy’s Law is always working... with the apartment done (or almost done) we got a letter from DIAC saying “a case officer was assigned to your application... you are requested to sign and send over the form 1281 before March 31, 2009”. Amazed and confused, didn’t give the proper credit to my eyes and read again... and again... and again. “Woohoo! We have a case officer!!!” said jumping, and with the same impulse took the cell phone called my wife, as soon as her voice said “Alo?” my mouth said “we have CO!!! We have CO!!!”. My co-workers should have been thinking “this dude gone crazy or what? What’s all that fuzz?” but the matter of fact is, the closure of my visa application and a final answer is getting closer, a sweet feeling after 15 months when my application got to DIAC.

Hopefully, if you are applying too and if your process took some how this amount of time you will probably understand how do I feel at the moment.


Now and Then said...

Finally, glad to read this notice. Happy for you all. I know the feeling for sure!!!
Wish all the best and prepare to move now for good.
Regards, Mary Elizabeth