Saturday, July 12, 2008

As time goes by…

Well, this post isn’t related to the TV series if that was what you wanted to look out.

The time goes by and we do not have any answer from the migration department. We do not know if our case is being on the scout or if is going to take a little longer… In any case, July isn’t over and we might get the visa to the end of this month.

Anyway, here is a sum up from the previous post up today. Since the last post I have been full day on work stuff (thankfully this helps to get a little bit distracted), my mom’s b’day happened and today is my b’day… Cool isn’t? hahaha, big sum up.

Anyway, the last couple of days (last two or three weeks really) I have realise my mom’s feelings about me moving away and this kind of anger which really is unmanaged frustrations. The problem is that for your parents, you are the little kiddo whom is trying to forget about them moving away, even if you are not... My mom took things pretty bad although she stays cool and quite, trying to avoid no matter what the moving issue. Sometimes it is easy to forget that they are trying to defend their point of view such as “why to move that far away?” or “Don’t you have everything somewhere closer?” because they just try to vanish the idea behind the illusion of “if I ignore the reality isn’t going to affect me”.

Since then I've tried to involved them more into the situation and trying to expose them how others have handled the distance and the fact that there is 14 hours of difference between Australia and Venezuela (or 10 hours the other way around) and I have notice a better reaction. since then. So, as the time goes by there is a bigger need from my family to ensure we will keep in touch and the distance isn’t going to matter that much.

As time goes by you also have to finish up the final arrangements (even though you do not have the visa granted) in order to avoid running from one spot to the another trying to solve last minute issues. This is a suggestion I haven’t followed. As for my wife and I, the world has just stopped spinning with the day to day activities and the hundred and one issue to solve with our family members before the departure day becomes our present day.

That’s the sum’ up to the present (July 11).

I hope you have found pleasant the Frank Sinatra song.

C’ya around cyber mates.



excellent blog, i have been reading your proccess and it is very interesting, i hope you don't mind that i added the link to your blog in my blog
good luck and very glad to meet you!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Rod

Plenamente identificada contigo, especialmente con el tema familiar...

Excelente elección musical



Rod Landaeta said...

Howdy Nora, I don't mind you adding my blog to your blogroll. Thanks for it.

Rod Landaeta said...

Hola Mila, realmente es un tema difícil para todos. Supongo que algunos lo toman de forma diferente.

Rod Landaeta said...

Por cierto, gracias por el comentario