Monday, June 2, 2008


What else could I do? The Department of Immigration And Citizenship so doing its part and we’re doing ours… But I must confess, this phase is kind of horrible… you know you already did what you had to do and all it rest is wait.

The worst thing is, I know my visa isn’t going to come yet… because they haven’t called to my jobs, nor my case manager gave me some feedback, and to be honest I am expecting my documents on July, maybe August.

What are you going to feel at the same stage of the process?

Well… sort of exasperation, depression, hatred and stress. Not all at once, but at least for the Venezuelans these are the feelings most of the people had told me before I felt it.

Why Exasperation? Because want to go away from the situation and reality which, at the moment, isn’t yours anymore. My mate Raul said this mood is called bubble moment stage… you feel some sort of barrier between the reality around you and what it really matters to you… awful.

Why Depression? Well, you can imagine what to feel when you are on this train for two years now and all of the sudden you are quite ready to go… but… not yet… is like we have walked so much but there is a few steps to get to the finish line; you can’t see it but knows its there… so you ask your coach how far the goal is… and you receive a “dunno dude”. DIAC has a web site to give you updates of your case, but the update is a big sum up, which doesn’t tell you much.

What to hate to? Why Hatred? The entire process, it should be shorter or at least with much more feedback.

Why Stress? Because you want to buy new furniture, but no, we’re gonna move soon, isn’t necessary… we wanna move to a nice apartment… but again NO, because we cannot invest the money in something silly… we are going to be moving soon, right???..... right???

Anyone, blogging helps me to set the emotions to the lowest, let the soul to rest and resist for a little longer.
Talk to you later guys. Thanks for reading such a useless post.