Saturday, May 10, 2008

It had been sort of a month and a bit from the physicals and this stage of the process is a silent killer. Awful…
Anyway, giving you an update of the process, the day when the physicals were sent to the immigration medical office my doctor told me to send the exams to the embassy of Australia in Chile… I wasn’t so sure but I said ok.
A couple of weeks later my case manager told me it was a big mistake… More than a mistake, an issue. So, I decided to write to the embassy of Oz in Chile querying some information about my medical examination status. Thankfully the response reached me no time saying my package was about to be sent to Oz.
Kind of silly, hun?
Anyway, if you are about to do the medical examinations, double check the direction and send it directly to Australia.
That’s all for now. Cya maties