Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The same day of the VA’s client cocktail we planned the farewell party of Melanie, David, Luisa and Roberto. The voted menu was Pizza and the provider was an excellent restaurant near the block’s corner… 14 pizzas was required to fulfill the appetite of the guests (and the hosts of course which is me, hehe) plus the common snacks and beverages… Soda, beer, some wine, water, etc.

After odd 2 hours I got the incoming call of Victor and the surprise was on. My close mate Raúl and I planned to start a video conference with him (which currently is living in Perth) to give some motivation to the take off… more hope and less sadness to the moment.

Sort of at the end, I made public the launching of the blog’s forum and old forum renovation into a single forum of Latin-Americans (for now, anyone is welcome). The forum is hosted on freeforums.org (excellent services) and the url is: http://aussieneighbor.freeforums.org. This forum is the product of new ideas with the old community GotoAu hosted previously on Yahoo Groups... Just on step closer to community.

I am not going to extend so much on chatting…
Images speaks better than words.