Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New cocktail occasion

Well… I am going to sound repetitive because this post was already written not so long from now. Anyway, the past Sunday (April 13) was the VA’s client cocktail (VA stands for “Viva en Australia”) and again 450 people filling up the room wide long.

The last time, the cocktail was pretty flat (I meant desserts and drinks) but the issue was solve at this new encounter (thank you god!)… The comment might be shallow but since the cocktail start at 11 am and ends nearby the 3 PM you pretty much understand why something to get the belly distracted is a must.

This time the reunion was in presence of Michael Booney (director of Southern Cross Alliance) and gave us a brief lesson of aussie slang, most of the slangs I have already hear it but is great to hear it from him because is a funny guy and knows how to earn your trust with few jokes. After the jokes was the perfect moment to get serious and start talking about more interesting topics such as the aussie education system or a medicare’s sum up.

Here you will find some pdf documents (warning, on Spanish) with the common topics of these cocktails.

And of course, some photographs of the moment.