Monday, July 21, 2008

Well something I must start doing before actually get to Aus is to adapt my thoughts to the Aussie thinking style, and what better to accomplish it rather than watching TV programs?

As I don’t get any Aussie signal in my TV set, I decided to start looking at some shows through youtube. Thanks to a blog that I like very much I was able to find this hilarious TV show called The Gruen Transfer. The point of the show is to find funny a pitch for a ridiculous situation... how to sell an idea which is unsellable by conception.

Here you have some videos. Enjoy it.

< Gruen Beauty Cream >

< Aus to Invade New Zealand - TV Spot #1 >

< Aus to Invade New Zealand - TV Spot #2 >


Arolli said...

The whole show is not about selling the unsellable, rather it is trying to inform people about how the advertising industry works. It focuses on Australian TV advertising but looks at advertising in general in all its forms. 'The Pitch' The segment where they invite professional advertising agents to make a TV ad to try to sell the unsellable is a very entertaining segment of the show :)
I'm not sure if it works overseas but the ABC offer the program for free download at their website should be nicer quality to watch then youtube vids.

After skimming through the rest of your blog, as an Aussie I would like to wish you all the best in your Australian migration process. :)

Rod Landaeta said...

Oh thank you arolli, you have been extremely kind...

And yes, the last 3 episodes I was able to download it from the site, but the first 4 o 5 has been removed from there, so, I had to wacth the youtube vids :P

Anyway, thank you very much for your comment :P

Gruen Transfer said...

Yes, great show! Thanks for the videos!