Monday, October 15, 2007

Running to get papers...

Shortly after signing the contracts to start the migration process with the agent, you must get all kinds of papers. I thought it would be less time consuming but this government takes 3 to 4 weeks to give you a silly paper as the birth certificate (that’s the revolution inefficient power… but I won’t keep talking about the retarded Chavez or this Venezuelan government). I was asked to get the following documents and items:

  1. Valid passport of both applicants (simple copy would be fine, all they need is the passport number and info to check your status).
  2. Document ID (certified copy) of both applicants.
  3. Some passport size pictures (white background – watch out the nasty looks. Hehe)
  4. Birth Certificates of both applicants (originals or certified copies).
  5. Wedding certificate (in my case, but aren’t necessary, if you are living with your couple since a couple of years you can ask for a certificate to prove you are a couple).
  6. Main Applicant’s curriculum vitae. This document is required as detailed as possible, in my case the document was asked as the Australia Computer Society specifies which includes everything you have done to contain much grained detail. Here in Venezuela de curriculum is a very resumed and short paper where you remark the most important things you have done. I had to remember everything in a range of 4 years to the present and write it all down.
  7. Main applicant’s bachelor degree (computer science bachelor degree in my case, certified by my alma mater “Universidad Simón Bolívar”).
  8. Degree’s certified grades (again, signed by the institution).
  9. MIA contact signed (Migration Institute of Australia).
  10. Some forms which may change from year to year but you must signed it.
  11. Some other contracts (the “Viva en Australia” contract).
Next step to take is the IELTS.

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treaz said...


I just started reading you blog :)

I understand you've had an experience with ACS. I will also have to "confront" them.
You were saying that they wanted to know in detail your background? What was their attitude towards you?


Rod said...

treaz, don't get me wrong... ACS was not digging with malaise at all.

It was a 'I would like to know why this fellow has program management experience... is he really a developer or something else...' attitude :P Is not a 'confrontation' against ACS, is selling yourself as an excellent professional.

Your curriculum vitae or resume must be explicit and explicative.
That's all.

GlarezIII said...

hi!, when you say bachelor degree it's a Vzla's TSU?

Rod said...

A bachelor's degree is earned by an undergraduate who took a major of at least 4 years of academic training.

Some TSU in Venezuela doesn't fulfill the requirements to be classified as a bachelor's degree but it all depends on your pensum or training undertook.

For instance, all of the engineers, scientists and academics are bachelors unless they have done superior studies in which case they have diplomas, masters or phds.

Technical trained professionals could be bachelors depending on the courses and education received (it depends on the university or institution providing the education) but they could be validated as bachelors based on proven experience.