Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The month of October, 2004 started and very strong candidates to migrate to were in the list.

  • Canada. Excellent place, need young productive people but very cold. Wasn’t a problem at all for me because I could find a place to have a growing career, but her career is a little difficult to develop and implement. Plus, none of us speak French and if we wanted to migrate to Canada, we had to start having a French course in order to get the visa.
  • Spain. Not so excellent place, but is economical steady and in almost every sense I good for planning a family and a future. The country has history and culture but isn’t growing so much, not to mention some people denigrate Latin-Americans and doesn’t matter so much your formation, if you come from South America you probably learned how to get dressed yesterday and surely you don’t know how to behave or to think…to be part of the society drop every believing and behave/talk/walk/eat just as they do, otherwise you are the nasty foreign trying to steal their jobs… uf, Spain out of the list..
  • Australia. We knew very little about it. Researching was a must; find the must we could to know more about Australia. Soon, the nice weather similar to Venezuela in some cases, growing economy, excellent education, awesome security and plenty of work became an outstanding rival of Canada. The only con was the distance, so far of everything was something to get used to if Australia was meant for us.

With just two paths the only thing to do was pick one. Distance Vs Career and language limitation. A friend telling us tons of good things of Australia made the final touch. The next step was choosing the agency to help us with the paperwork and experience to obtain with success the residential visa. At this point, 2 years had pass, January 2007 was on and the contract was signed. The process will be handled with a agency named “Viva en Australia” (South Cross Alliance).

Doing some calculations, July 2008 is the deadline. Australia get ready because am going.


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