Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Early in 2004, my wife and I started to think about the security, economical and political issues bothering my natal country, Venezuela. According to Chavez everything is great here in Venezuela, but oddly (for him of course) everyone I know, have left the country to find a new, peaceful, rewarding and better tomorrow.

And so our searching begun in the first quarter of the year, meanwhile we were finishing our university studies. At first Canada was my only choice…

Why? Because I was in Quebec for a while and it was wonderful… Peaceful, beautiful, secure and the people take good care about things near them. At that moment I just could remember the memories when I was kid, running and looking everything for me was another type of society. Somehow, I wanted deeply in my heart to belong there, because the people really wanted to have a better tomorrow with their sacrifice and effort.

But then, my wife (at that time, my girlfriend) told me to consider other paths. We set some points of evaluation to determine which country and city will be the best to migrate to. Those points are:

  • Benefits for raising and planning a family.
  • Higher quality education for our kids and for us.
  • Health in every aspect.
  • Good environment.
  • Security.
  • And economical stability.

And so, the dreaming began… Dreaming a better tomorrow for us. Someday, the dream will be made true, no question about it.