Monday, December 6, 2010

Sydney Opera House Open Day

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The Opera House is, without any ego or pride because is located in the city that I love, one of the most spectacular buildings in the world.

There is something about it shape, curves and colour that attracts more than the harbour itself…
And is kind of funny, when you start checking on the Internet or architecture related books containing the history of the Sydney Opera House you find fairly easy that it was built to enhance the harbour view and its bridge.

Vivid... One of the Sydney events that shows the Opera House as a colourful magnificent piece of art

Each year in October, the folks of the Sydney Opera House open the doors to anyone to come in and check that marvellous building with its eclectic walls, vibrant colours and outstanding feeling; and this year we were able to assist the week before the seven bridges walk!

Remembering that day was kind of special… We had 6 weeks of dull gray rainy days and that day…. Wasn’t the exception… it was rainy all morning and our visit was programmed to be at 4:00 P.M.

If you are asking ‘Do I need to make an appointment to go to the open day?’ the answer is ‘Yes!!!’. That day a lot people (and when I say a lot of people are LOTS OF PEOPLE in upper case and with fire coming out from the letters with laser beams enhancing the colour of the show) queue to enter; and even though the line isn’t more than 30 minutes, you will find almost 3 times more people inside.

So, back to our story… It was 3:30 P.M and we were already queued and waiting to enter for very first time to the building where everyone that has come to Australia has taking at least one picture with it; and then a sheila approached to us (we thought that she was in her 40ish) asking for directions…

‘Where is information?’ she asked.
‘Uhms… I dunno… but I can see from here a guide box… Maybe there is information…’ I said.
‘No… is not… I have been there… Do you know if I need to provide any kind of confirmation for this [the Open Day]?’ she replied
‘I really don’t know… this is our first time… but if you want my husband could go with you to find where it is. And maybe check if we are too early…’ Kathy replied and I thought (Ouh! Thanks!)

So we approached to a girl with a ‘SOH-OpenDay’ t-shirt and she kindly checked out papers saying at the very end ‘don’t worry… I think most of the people leave these papers home and we don’t check them in the afternoon…’

I started walking at the same time the woman asked ‘do you mind if I stay with you? You wife seems nice and I am alone…’

‘Yeah, sure… no worries’ I said
‘Where are you from?’ She asked and I started thinking… damn accent!
‘From Venezuela…’ Kathy replied
‘Oh, nice… Is that… South America?’
‘Yes Ma’am’
‘Good… I am from Thailand… I have been here for more than 35 years! How long have you been here?’
A bit more than a year’ Kathy replies.
‘A year? Oh my… I thought that you had more than 5 years! Your English is great! Does Venezuelan speak English in their daily basis?’
‘No. We speak Spanish every single day… My wife practiced since Uni and myself… well I learned it when I was a teenager… I think my English isn’t that good though…’

She looked a bit shocked for the last statement (I have no idea if she felt that I was not giving her enough credit to her comment) and changed the topic to the Opera House, saying that in 35 years she didn’t has come the first time and wanted to take a picture of everything…

Once in it was difficult to keep together so she started walking on her own and we started taking pictures of every little corner of the Opera House…. I even thought to take pictures of the bathroom (with their waving shape) but decided that it wasn’t a good idea to go in the bathroom, camera in hand and start taking pictures =P

Obviously we captured images till the memory was full… we walked everywhere and enjoyed every minute of our presence.

100% recommended.

Anyway, you already have the month of the Open day just in case you are planning to visit Sydney!


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