Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Awaken the Spirit

The year is almost done and I cannot still believe I am living my dream... Finally I am in Australia and I am making some plans for the future... There is so many things to tell about, but something more important come every now and then, keeping me busy... my blog sometimes gives me a mean and recriminatory look saying ‘you are not abandoning me, right??? Right!???’

Bloody hell no, and to prove it I am going to tell you guys my plan for this new year eve :P

As many of you may know, Australia is the first big country (Sydney to be more precise) to receive the New Year, right next to Kiribati Island, New Zealand and Fiji. The government and its responsible organisations planning the New Year eve, prepares huge spectacles and some of those I have already witness it with my very own eyes.

Here some fireworks on Christmas Eve on Darling Harbour.

More fireworks from Darling Harbour same day.

This December 31st, 2010 the theme is “Awaken the spirit”. Every Sydneysider and visitor must wear something blue to receive the New Year with hope, joy and lots of inner peace... but there is something else that gives this day a tingle or two making it more special... Hahaha, no, is not that I am here already :P

This December 31st will end with a full blue moon (a blue moon is a second moon within a month, even though this website says we are not going to see it 'full' because the full moon occurs at 5:00 AM in the morning of January 1st... Who cares? I will look the moon as the same two hours later that day, right?) and this event will not repeat itself until 2028!!! So grab your camera and take as many pictures as you can, then make as many wishes as you want and third, kiss the one you love :P

Nope... a blue moon isn't really blue... Is just a term to describe a second full moon within the same month.

My wife and I, as some other mates will take a glance of the spectacular scenery of Sydney skyline from Bradley’s head point, in the Ashton Park; which is estimated to hold 5,000 spectators for that night only (which are very few people for that park, in comparison to other years), thus we need to be as early as possible to grab out spots and enjoy a lovely sunny (luckily) day till the clock reach 5 seconds to the first minute of the upcoming 2010. Are you ready to awaken the spirit and enjoy this New Year eve?

The fireworks might be just like this...

Or even better!!

At the end, the company and the sharing is all the really matters.

I will try to post some pictures of that night as soon as I get home (and the liquor gets out of my system :P)


bathmate said...

Happy new year.
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Rod!!!!! ya tenia puesta yo esa luna para mi siguiente post!! no se vale !! jajaja....
well, i didn't realize that this event will occur again until 2028, so...ok, i forgive you hahaha...

and enjoy the moon, it doesn't matter that it will be until 5:00 can keep awake and celebrate ;)

Happy new year!!!

Rod said...

Thank you for your comments... (btw bathmate... weird website :S)

Nora :) hahaha, what can I tell you that haven't said before? Sometimes we are in the very same mood :P For you the moon will occur before the midnight but again, who cares?
Have a terrific new year :)

Rosse said...

Just nice!!! :)