Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Since our arrival

Since or arrival (on September 9, 2009) we have manage to enjoy the days with the easy and graze of any Sydneysider; he he, not really.

The day we got to the airport and after the inspections to our bags, we went to exchange some US Dollars into Australian currency (that was our very first time having in our hands these plastic funny bills). With some Australian dollars in our pockets we asked some directions of how to use the phone which work backward to those in America, where you put some money in, dial and talk; here instead you dial the phone number and after someone picks it up you put the coin in the machine. This cost me two dollars to find out until a gentle man told me how to really use it.

After calling, all we needed to do was waiting for a little bit till our mates came by and picked us up, to take us to Hornsby (where we were supposed to spend the next days without flat unit) then take us to meet our closest mall, The Westfield shopping centre and the Water Clock in the Westfield middle park. I must say, I was dreaming all the way to the mall and back, with mare remembrance of opening the account at the commonwealth bank of Australia we went back to meet David (building manager where we were renting) and he told us what we needed to do to get our flat, thankfully to my mate Moira, I was able to rent at once in the building, paying as few as possible.

What was next...? Oh right, the next couple of days we went to Bing Lee to shop for our washer and fridge plus some other stuff. The tip here is, talk to the vendor. He (as you) likes a good chat, and what is better than looking for a berrigans? We talk to ‘Eddie’ trying to get the price as low as possible and we got the fridge, washer, vacuum cleaner and iron for under a$2,200.00 saving odd a$250.00 or more as we got free shipping to our home. Then we went to buy the matrix for our bedroom and bumped into a comfortable matrix tagged as a$ 5,000.00, but due to low stock and the one we wanted was on display, we got it for a$2,000.00 or a$1,999.00 (as the sales lady told us, you are having a cool matrix for under two thousand dollars, that’s good deal). When I had to pay, she told me that I needed to by 40% of the bed set, but I didn’t had on my wallet a$800.00 so I tell her if there was any problem on paying just a$300.00 which told me ‘no worries then... head over those $300 and pay the rest when bed is delivered’.

Back to our flat, my mate and her husband got us two sofas and a dinner table with someone had it for us, our apartment was nearly complete with its basic furniture and we were ready to know something else from our new city. So our first stop was the beach (as spring break open just two days after our arrival) then Sydney CBD to be standing in front of the Sydney Opera House. Is it me or is more beautiful than in pictures, don’t know, the thing is, I am truly in love of my new home.

Back to Hornsby, the next couple of days we were staring sunsets (as shows in our balcony), with one rare hail fall and today, unprecedented strong dust winds or sandstorm. Oz really wants to show us what nature beholds.

This sums it up till present days; I will leave you some pictures of today’s sand storm.

Cheers and till next time.


Anonymous said...

Llegaron el mismo día de nuestra asignación de CO :d

Todo está muy bien!
Un abrazo

Furio said...

Sand Storm, i watched it in the internet news. The bigger in many years, thanks to the Outback.

I am very glad about your trip & arrival.

We hope (my wife & me) have the same or better experience.

Congratulations, the dream is beginning.

Don't forget to write.

Rod Landaeta said...

Chicos, gracias por escribirnos.

Alex, eso es una señal australiana que dice que deben venirse cerquita de nosotros.

Furio, it was the biggest dust storm in decades, but it didn't really was a threat but stunning. I won't stop writing any time soon.


Mary Elizabeth said...

I knew you would have fallen in love with the city. it's really a magical place!!!

Rod Landaeta said...

Yeah Mary, is truly something.

Rod Landaeta said...

By the way Mary, I would like to have your phone number. Do you have a facebook account or somewhere private where we could share it?

Mary Elizabeth said...

Yes I do. I'll contact you by FB.