Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last days, decisions to make

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After a day or two a gathering all your stuff, documents and other important things you will start thinking about “what is that important thing to do next? What to leave behind and what shouldn’t I?”

In our case, Kathy and I had lots of home things such as pots, pans, kitchen aids, our tableware, cutlery, and so on plus our bed clothes, bathroom accessories, etc; our dilemma was keep it or leave it.

After an intense internet search (related to prices in Australia) we decided to leave behind every electric device not complaining Australian standards, some useless books and really old clothes, the rest will travel with us (or shipped down under).

But why did we choose to take almost everything else with us?

Taking a look to cutlery (for instance), we find nice stuff over the Internet which might be our first things down under, but talking to our Sydney friends, they express the quality vs. price as the following: “obviously there are cheap things, but aren’t good neither durable; in the other hand, good and durable things are really expensive, it’s your call”. Then doing some calculations, we were going to “throw away” all our stuff (almost for free) to get new things down under (at full tag), those new things require lots more money than we could possible get from our stuff here… So, why to bother? Is kind of better to ship our stuff there, clean it up, package it and wait for it to get there.

Is there any tip or advice? Not really, these decisions are kind of personal and it really doesn’t matter if you want to leave to your family your cutlery even though down under are pretty much expensive and the price you are going to pay on shipping plus its value will be less than getting a new one.
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