Thursday, March 20, 2008


The physicals are a bunch of tests to determine if you are eligible for an Aussie visa or not. You'll be tested for AIDS, hypertension (high blood pressure), tuberculosis, urine infections, hernias and other kind of diseases. The results will determine if you are a healthy candidate for a visa and you are not a weight to the Aussie health system.

We had to be at the hospital at 8 a.m to start with the examination and my wife and I thought we could be out and get a brunch at 11... Once there, the nurse gave us the examination order for the blood test, urine test and x-rays... Every order a big bold and red word "urgent". The nurse asked for the form 26, form 160, two pictures and passport copies and before everyone moved a finger remarked "you have to make the lab responsible to sign those papers before 12 pm else you will have to come other day... Once the results are done the doctor will check you up... hopefully at 4PM you will be done."

Wordless to say my wife face; we could not do anything else to wait. Went down to basement 2 (where the lab is) to pay for the tests and to wait till are finished. While in the line we started to have the nature call... and someone near us had a waterfall sound as ringtone... a total torture...

Anyway, at 10 am we had all the preliminary examination done, when to get the brunch done before the physical with the doctor Jacques Dennis, there the doc asked us for every disease or medical record... I was asked for a detailed report of my general doctor (I suffer of migraine) and my wife's gynecologist report.

My suggestion is, if you have had any medical record of anything persistent issue; ask for the reports before going to the physical examination.

As extra information, check the doctor panel allowed by Australia government to determine who’s near you plus; download all the information required by the forms (such as the office requiring the examination and so on).
Link to health requirements (here you will find forms, Panel doctors and other information)
Link to Panel Doctors


Jay Jay said...

Hello rod love your blog! Can I ask when they asked you for physicals and also police checks? ;) cheers mate

Jay Jay said...

Hello rod love your blog! May I ask when in the process they asked for your physicals and police background checks?? Cheers mate!

Rod said...

Hey Jay Jay, sorry for the extremely late response.

I got asked to do my physicals when the case officer picked up my file.