Thursday, February 7, 2008

Check your case status…

If you are doing your migration process with an agent and your agent gives you little information about your case current status (different reasons may apply), you can check your file status though the website of DIAC (Department of Immigration And Citizenship). All you have to do is follow the above hyperlink and provide some data:

  1. Web Page: Click Here
  2. Transaction Reference Number (TRN - Is a number you will have once you case is introduced in the migration department).
  3. First Applicant’s birthday
  4. Passport ID
  5. Country which expelled the passport
Triple check the given information, passport ID, dates and everything else to avoid any problem with your case (as explained in the DIAC’s web page). Everything cool? Hit the next button and you will see some abstract information of your case… It might take you a couple of minutes to understand what is being show.

In your final stage of the process, you can feel a little exasperated, stressed or disoriented but checking as often as you want might gives you a better idea of how everything goes and calm you a little.

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Anonymous said...

Checking your visa application status should not be a problem if you use a Registered Migration Agent.

I moved to Australia in 1996 and used

Rod Landaeta said...

Well, it really depends... Even with a registered agent but without case officer DIAC won't give you any information except you don't have a case officer (I have it checked by several agents).

The DIAC website gives you some update relating to your docs and what is left to do... Kind of making things a little more easy :P

Thanks for posting.

sandeep singh said...

respected sir,

if it possible that status show in message which documents are required for file process then people are seen easly and not time waste.

Rod Landaeta said...

Sandeep, thank you for your comment; but I'm afraid I didn't quite understand it.

If you are requesting from me to publish an image of which documents DIAC request to me, that would be a little bit pointless. Every aspirant, as well every single professional willing to move down under, has different needs or (in the case of DIAC) demands to fulfil. That's why I didn't post it.

Cheers and thanks for the comment.